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Throttle, V11 Sport, V11 LeMans, 1100 Sport i, Centauro, Daytona

GU01603400  Original equipment, single cable throttle assembly for 1100 Sport Injected 1996-1999, Daytona RS 1997-1998, V10 Centauro, 1100 Sport ... more info

Part Number: 01603400

Premier Throttle Assist, friction type "cruise control"

Kuryakyn Premier Affordable Throttle Assist is a simple design focusing on function over style. Squeezes the twist grip and holds it in place, ... more info

Part Number: 06320460

Black plastic throttle 1979 on T3 Cal2 CX G5 LeMans2/3 SP V50/65

GU14603455 GU19603435 GU14603435 Reproduction of the original black plastic throttle with "Monopoly board" switches as used on 1979 and later big ... more info

Part Number: 14603455

Tommaselli Daytona 2C throttle, black 850 LeMans, GU14603450

14603450 original part number in black. Legendary Tommaselli Daytona 2C "quarter turn" throttle assembly in black.  As original on 1976 to 1978 ... more info

Part Number: 17603400

Tommaselli Daytona 2C throttle, chrome T T3 Convert GU17603400

17603400 original part number in chrome. Legendary Tommaselli Daytona 2C "quarter turn" throttle assembly. Chrome plated as was original on several ... more info

Part Number: 17603401

Rubber cable boot for Tommaselli Daytona 2C throttle

Rubber cable boot for Tommaselli Daytona 2C throttle. This is the rubber bellows like boot that fits the throttle where the cable housings fit up ... more info

Part Number: 17604850