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Metal internal fuel filter V7Classic Racer Griso Norge Cal1400

UFI brand fuel filter for models with fuel filter located inside the fuel tank. Models with internal fuel filters include Breva 750, V7 Classic, V ... more info

Part Number: 01106090

Air filter Eldorado, Ambassador, V700, Nuovo Falcone

Air filter for original air cleaner box on V700, Ambassador, Eldorado, V7 Special, 850GT, Nuovo Falcone. Fibrous filter media over internal wire ... more info

Part Number: 12113600

oil filter screen, V700 Ambassador Eldorado 850T V7 Sport 750S

Oil filter screen as used on all loop frame models V700, Ambassador, Eldorado, V750 Special, 850GT, and as used on V7 Sport, 750 S and most 850 T's

Part Number: 12153000

UFI oil filter, most 850cc and 1000cc big twins

Original equipment Italian made UFI 2314900 oil filter was the standard filter for big twins starting in 1975 and ending for most models in the early ... more info

Part Number: 14153000

air filter, T3 Convert G5 CX SP V35 V50 V50II V50III Monza

Original equipment air filter element for original airbox on T3, T4, Convert, G5, CX100, SP1000, V35, V50, V50 II, V50 III, Monza. Updated part ... more info

Part Number: 17113651

UFI oil filter, V35 V50 V50 II V50 III Monza V65C SP TT Lario

UFI oil filter for all early small twin models: V35, V50, V50 II, V50 III, Monza, V65C, V65SP, V65TT, Lario.

Part Number: 19153000

oil filter 2008-2016 V7 series Stone, Special, Classic, Racer

Original equipment UFI oil filter for all late model small blocks including: full V7 750cc series 2008-2016 including V7 Classic, V7 Cafe Classic, V7 ... more info

Part Number: 27153085

Mahle Knecht UFI oil filter V7 Classic, Racer, Stone, Breva 750

Mahle Knecht oil filter for late model small blocks including: V7 Classic, V7 Cafe Classic, V7 Racer, V7 Racer II, V7 Special, V7 special II, V7 ... more info

Part Number: 27153085B

Air filter element, Cal II, Mille, SP II, LM III, V65's

Air filter element, California II, Mille GT, SP II, LeMans III, 850 T5, V65 C, V65 SP, V65 TT, Lario

Part Number: 28113650

Air filter, Cal3, 1000S, LMIV, SP3, LM5

Original equipment air filter for California III, 1000S, LM1000 1988 to 1993 LeMans V, SP III

Part Number: 28113660

fuel filter Cal 1100 EV Jackal Bassa Stone Special Sport Metal

Quality Italian UFI fuel filter. This filter has a threaded fitting on both ends and is located outside of the fuel tank. Used on many models. ... more info

Part Number: 29106061

fuel filter thru '02 1100 Sport Centauro V11 Sport LeMans Quota

UFI fuel filter with hose barb both ends. Your fuel hose slides directly over the hose nipple on the ends of this filter. This filter used on fuel ... more info

Part Number: 30106000

air filter, 1100's, EV11-CalSpecial-Quota UFI 30 98 900

Genuine UFI original equipment air filter for most 1100cc models, California 1100, EV, Jackal, California Special, Bassa, Quota 1100, V11 Sport, V11 ... more info

Part Number: 30113600

UFI oil filter, 1100cc and 1200cc plus Centauro Quota 1000

Original equipment UFI oil filter for all 1100 and 1200cc big twins. This top quality Italian made oil filter is the original equipment oil filter as ... more info

Part Number: 30153000

Visu-filter, inline bronze fuel filter

Visu-filter, bronze inline fuel filter. Especially useful for older fuel tanks where rust or poorly applied tank sealant is a problem. Fits all ~7mm ... more info

Part Number: 701C

K&N Filter Care Kit, air filter cleaning and oiling solutions

K&N Filter Care Service Kit contains pump bottle of air filter cleaning solution, and aerosol filter oil. This item is not available for domestic ... more info

Part Number: 995000

K&N air filter for Norge1200, Breva1100, 1200 Sport

K&N washable air filter for Norge 1200, Breva 1100, Sport 1200, Norge 850, Breva 850. This is a special order filter, not normally kept in stock, ... more info

Part Number: AL1001

Air filter Breva 1100, Norge 1200

Air filter Breva 1100, Breva 1200, Norge 1200, 1200 Sport 8V 8104211 Also fitting Aprilia 2001 to 2003 RSV 1000 and 2002 to 2005 RSV 1000 Tuono

Part Number: AP8104211

Air filter Breva 750, Nevada 750, V7 Classic, V7 Cafe thru 2012

Air filter for Breva 750, Nevada Classic 750, and 2008 through 2012 V7 Classic, V7 Cafe, and V7 Racer.

Part Number: AP8104242

Air filter Griso, Stelvio, California 1400

Air filter Griso, Griso 8V, Stelvio, Stelvio NTX, California 1400.

Part Number: AP8104329

K&N air filter 2013-16 V7 Special Racer V7 Stone Bobber Roamer

K&N air filter for 2013-2016 V7 Stone, V7 Racer, V7 Special, V7 Racer II, V7 Special II, V7 Stone II, V7 Stornello, V9 Bobber, V9 Roamer. This ... more info

Part Number: AP8104924B

Mahle Knecht oil filter California 1400 series, Griso 2015-2016

Top quality Mahle Knecht oil filter for Moto Guzzi California 1400 models with anti-empty valve for extra engine protection and higher oil pressure ... more info

Part Number: B063428A

K&N air filter for V11 California V11 Sport V11 LeMans

K&N air filter for all 1100cc California models 1994-2010, all V11 Sport models 1999-2005, all V11 LeMans variants 1999-2005, Sport 1100, 1100 Sport, ... more info

Part Number: CG9002

HiFlo oil filter Piaggio and Aprilia scooters

Excellent quality HiFlo oil filter for Piaggio and Aprilia scooters. Replaces OEM part numbers - Piaggio: 830239, 82658R, 82883R, 82960R; Peugeot: ... more info

Part Number: HF184

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HiFloFiltro oil filter, all 1100cc and 1200cc models

Excellent quality HiFloFiltro oil filter for Moto Guzzi 1100cc and 1200cc models, and Centauro and Daytona. This 14 flute oil filter is a high ... more info

Part Number: HF551

HiFloFiltro oil filter, most 850cc and 1000cc models

High quality HiFloFiltro oil filter for big twin Moto Guzzi 850cc models and most 1000cc models. This 14 flute oil filter is a high quality ... more info

Part Number: HF552

HiFLo oil filter California 1400 series, Griso 2015-2016

HiFloFiltro oil filter for all Moto Guzzi California 1400 models and 2015-2016 Griso 1200 8V. Replaces oem B063428. This 8 flute oil filter is a ... more info

Part Number: HF565

Malossi foam air filter for PHF36 and PHF30 carburetors

Malossi individual foam air filter for PHF36 and PHF30 carburetors, red foam filter element, black plastic cage, chromed cap, includes clamp

Part Number: MALO3036

Malossi foam air filter for PHM carburetors

Malossi E5 individual foam air filter suitable for PHM40 carburetors on Guzzis, but fits PHM 38 thru 41 carbs as used on Ducati and other brand ... more info

Part Number: MALO40

K&N air filter, VHB carbs with straight stacks

K&N air filter, fits all models with VHB29 or VHB30 carburetors when used with straight velocity stacks (17114450P). This filter fits nicely into ... more info

Part Number: MG2640

K&N air filter, VHB carbs without stacks, pair

K&N air filter, VHB carbs without velocity stacks, pair. These filters fit directly onto the VHB29 or VHB30 carburetor body and can be angled to ... more info

Part Number: R0642

K&N air filter set for PHM40

K&N air filter set for PHM40 carbs. Sold as pair. Also fits throttle body on V11 California injected models. Pre-oiled, ready to install.

Part Number: RU1822

K&N air filter, for PHF30, 36 - T3 etc style velocity stacks

K&N air filter, attach directly to the body of PHF30 and PHF 36 carbs - Can also be used on VHB carbs using T3, Convert, SP or G5 style velocity ... more info

Part Number: RU2450