sealing washers

Product Image Product Price
16mm ID sealing washer with rubber seal, many models since 2001

16mm sealing washer with rubber seal, many models since 2001. Used on oil cooler connections, oil breather return hose connections, rear drive vent ... more info

Part Number: 01154230

10mm sealing washer with rubber ring

10mm ID sealing washer with rubber seal, original on many models since 2001. Used on engine oil drain plugs on 750, 1100, 1200 8V and 1400 models. ... more info

Part Number: 01528930

16mm ID crush washer, oil line and breather hose fittings

Aluminum crush washer, 22mm OD and 16mm ID. Used on various oil breather and cooler plumbing fittings on several models. Used on 1100 Sport oil ... more info

Part Number: 10154200

10mm alu sealing washer for overflow and drain plugs

10mm internal diameter aluminum sealing washer with large outer diameter commonly used for 10mm oil drain plugs as used on engines, transmissions and ... more info

Part Number: 10528900

aluminum seal washer, 12mm ID

Aluminum sealing washer, 12mm internal diameter, for oil breather return pipe to sump on early big blocks, fuel filter banjo fitting on many injected ... more info

Part Number: 12006400

aluminum seal washer, 12mm

12mm internal diameter sealing washer with rubber center, particularly useful for numerous automatic transmission hoses on V1000 I Convert and ... more info

Part Number: 12006401

8mm aluminum crush washer, oil lines, oil filter access cover

Internal diameter is 8mm on this aluminum sealing washer most commonly used on round head V700, V750 Special, 850 GT, Eldorado, Ambassador, V7 Sport, ... more info

Part Number: 12154200

8mm seal washer with rubber center

8mm internal diameter steel sealing washer with rubber center, an alternative to the aluminum crush washer most commonly used on the oil delivery ... more info

Part Number: 12154201

fiber 6mm sealing washer, fork drain, carb inlet, synch plug

Fiber 6mm sealing washer commonly used on fork drain plugs, carburetor inlets, intake manifold synchronizing plugs, and anywhere else a small 6mm ... more info

Part Number: 13934700

18mm sealing washer, CARC models, Convert, lambda plug

18mm crush washer or sealing washer used in many applications including: side fill plug on 6 speed transmission on CARC models, unused lambda plug ... more info

Part Number: 18144350

14.5mm ID crush washer,V7 series, Convert, V11fuel filter nipple

Aluminum sealing washer or crush washer with 14.45mm ID, many uses: Automatic transmission hose fitting used on Convert and California II Auto. Seals ... more info

Part Number: 18161150

10mm aluminum seal washer, brake and oil lines, fork bottom bolt

This is a much better than average quality aluminum crush washer, nearly 1.5mm thick for positive sealing. 10mm internal diameter aluminum sealing ... more info

Part Number: 25656102

20mm fiber washer for fill, drain plugs PHM/PHF bowl nut gasket

20mm ID fiber sealing washer common to many uses. Typically 20mm engine oil drain plugs, engine, rear drive and transmission fill plugs. Original ... more info

Part Number: 90714195

sealing washer CARC level plug, copper, thin wall 12mm

Sealing washer for CARC level plug, copper, thin wall 12mm. This crush washer fits all models with CARC final drive: Breva 1100 Sport 1200 Griso ... more info

Part Number: 90718120

Aluminum sealing washer 6mm fork drain, fuel inlet etc 6x10

Aluminum crush washer with 6mm internal diameter for sealing 6mm bolts such as found on many fork drain plugs and carburetor fuel inlet banjos. 6mm ... more info

Part Number: 95100116

Fiber sealing washer 10mm level and drain plugs trans rear drive

Fiber sealing washer 10mm X 18mm, overflow and drain plugs on Guzzi transmissions and rear drives

Part Number: 95100313F

20mm sealing washer, engine drain, trans/rear drive fill plugs

This 20mm (ID) aluminum sealing washer is used in some capacity on nearly all Guzzis from 1967 until 2016. It is commonly used on the Big Block 750, ... more info

Part Number: 95100709