hand levers

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Brake or clutch lever Cal1100 EV Jackal Ducati 62610031A

GU30605680  Non adjustable polished aluminum lever fits most 1988 to 2002 Moto Guzzi models, as well as many Ducati models with PS11-16 ... more info

Part Number: 30605680

Brembo remote clutch/brake reservoir, V11 Sport/LeMans V85TT

GU01663530  15mm capacity remote clutch fluid reservoir for V11 Sport, V11 LeMans, Rosso Mandello, Nero Corsa, Scura, Tenni, V11 Cafe Sport, V11 ... more info

Part Number: 01663530

Cable adjuster screw suitable for V700 Ambassador Eldorado

Clutch and brake cable adjuster screw suitable for clutch and brake lever assemblies on V700, Ambassador, 1969-1971 V750 Special and 2 shoe front ... more info

Part Number: 95790237

Clutch cable adjuster EV Jackal V7s V7IIs V7IIIs V9

GU30602500 Clutch cable adjuster screw fits many models mostly from the mid 1990s to the present. Cable receiver id 9.25mm, threaded M8x23mm. ... more info

Part Number: 30602500