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dual seat for V700, Ambassador, and Eldorado, steel pan

Updated standard two person seat for V700 and Ambassador and Eldorado. These new seats have been improved in several ways: New steel seat pan. New ... more info

Part Number: 12460502

European Police Solo Seat, V700, Ambassador, Eldorado

12460541 Sella Monoposto. This is a very nice quality, modern day Italian made reproduction of an original Moto Guzzi "Sella monoposto" or "solo ... more info

Part Number: 12460541

Hardware kit for springer solo seat V700, Ambassador, Eldorado

22 piece hardware kit for 12460541 Sella Monoposto, or sprung solo Italian Police seat for V700, commonly used on Eldorado and Ambassador. This kit ... more info

Part Number: 12460541kit

850GT California seat and rail

850 GT California seat and hand rail combo. Authentic in every detail, this Italian made seat has a heavy duty steel seat pan, seat specific foam, ... more info

Part Number: 13460545K

Eldorado and 850GT dual saddle

New and improved standard replacement seat (two person) as found originally on 850GT and the last of the American market Eldorados. These seats are ... more info

Part Number: 13460560

seat, V7 Sport

V7 Sport bench seat. Made in Italy from quality modern components including motorcycle seat specific molded foam, a durable steel pan, "leather ... more info

Part Number: 14460540

seat, 750S, S3, V7 Sport

New reproduction seat for 750S and 750S3. Also suitable for V7 Sport. This is a very accurate reproduction with a heavy gauge steel pan, seat quality ... more info

Part Number: 14460545

Seat latch rubber cover V7 Sport, 850 LeMans, 850T, T3, G5, etc

This is the little rubber cover that fits over the end of the seat latch lever that unlatches the seat on V7 Sport, 850-T, T3, Convert, G5, 850 ... more info

Part Number: 14461400

seat 850 LeMans original monoposto type, 1st series 1976

Seat for 850 LeMans, original solo or monoposto type. Sturdy, lightweight construction with strong plastic pan, foam interior and vinyl cover. Mounts ... more info

Part Number: 14461551

dual seat, 850 LeMans, CX100, 850 LeMans II

Genuine Italian two person seat for 850 LeMans, CX100 LeMans, LeMans II and custom applications. Very nice quality construction on durable plastic ... more info

Part Number: 14461552

Molded rubber seat for 850 LeMans

Molded rubber seat in the original form for 850 LeMans 1977-1978. This is an accurate reproduction of the 2nd series seat, including the seat strap. ... more info

Part Number: 14461553

T3 California seat with chrome rail

Excellent quality Italian made T3 California seat with chrome rail. Steel seat pan, textured vinyl true to the original pattern, chromed steel wrap ... more info

Part Number: 17460570

bracket, T3 Convert G5 Police solo seat

Seat bracket, for Police solo seat used on 850T3, Convert and G5, bare steel. This bracket attaches to the frame tab and joins the radio rack rails ... more info

Part Number: 17462340

dual seat, V1000 G5, Convert, T4 1000SP T3 850T

Dual saddle for V1000 G5, V1000 I Convert, 1000SP, 850 T4, and also a nice replacement for 850T and 850 T3. This is a very nice quality Italian ... more info

Part Number: 18460650

Comfort Seat for 850T 850T3 V1000 G5 SP Convert

This custom design Italian seat is named the "Comfort Seat" for 850 T, 850 T3, V1000 G5, 1000SP, 850 T4, and V1000 I Convert. This seat is narrow ... more info

Part Number: 18460651

850 T5 seat, SP II by special order only

This part is a Special Order item. Due to limited demand, we do not normally stock it. We will order the part directly from the ... more info

Part Number: 28460500

850 LeMans III "Comfort" dual seat

Very nice quality Italian made "Comfort Seat" two person seat for 850 LeMans III. Bolts directly to original seat base the same as the original ... more info

Part Number: 28461551

seat latch rubber Mille GT, California III

Seat latch rubber Mille GT, California III. This item measures about 21 x 17mm.

Part Number: 29461450

Vario RR seat and tail section for LeMans III

Here's an interesting period sport bike accessory and blast from the past. Out of a dark corner comes this new old stock Vario RR seat and tail ... more info

Part Number: 300025011

solo seat for V7 series 2008 and later

Original equipment Moto Guzzi solo seat. Fits 2008 and later V7 series motorcycles including V7 Classic, V7 Cafe, V7 Stornello, V7 Special, V7 ... more info

Part Number: 883588

spacer, seat and fender pivot, instrument console, etc

Steel spacer used on many models from Nuovo Falcone to LeMans III and most models in between. Used on V7 Sport at the seat pivot and between the ... more info

Part Number: 91180920