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axle nut tool, 1100 Sport, Daytona, Centauro

This is the tool for removing the odd axle nut found on mid-late 90s spine frame models. Removes axle nut found on 1100 Sport Corsa 1998-1999, 1100 ... more info

Part Number: 01929300

12V fully automatic smart charger trickle charger

Battery Tender Jr. 750ma fully automatic smart charger with LED charge mode indicator. Polarity protected with a spark proof saftey feature. Brings ... more info

Part Number: 0210123

Thin wall spark plug tool, Norge, Breva, Sport 1200, Griso, etc

Thin wall spark plug tool for dual plug head models since 2005. Breva 1100, Sport 1200, Norge, Bellagio, Griso

Part Number: 05901930

Jumper Cables 10 gauge, 8 foot, copper wire

Motorsports sized jumper cables. 10 gauge copper wire, 8 feet long, heavy duty insulated alligator clips. These are great for motorcycles, ATV, UTV, ... more info

Part Number: 091200008

valve spring compressor, big twins.

valve spring compressor, for removing and installing valves in big twin cylinder heads. Not normally stocked, available by special order only.

Part Number: 10907200

Special tool for swingarm pivot pin V700-Amb-Eldorado 2 pins

Special tool for swingarm pivot pin on V700, Ambassador, and Eldorado, V750 Special and 850GT. Hardened steel tool enables removal and installation ... more info

Part Number: 12903000K

5 speed transmission output shaft holding tool

This special tool holds the output shaft (layshaft) and keeps it from turning so you can remove or install the nut (14219310). Used in conjunction ... more info

Part Number: 12907100Z

fork puller tool V700 Ambassador Eldorado

For re-assembly of the front suspension on V700, Ambassador, Eldorado V7 Special, 850GT models. This tool makes your life easier by reaching down ... more info

Part Number: 12909500K

flywheel and ring gear holding tool for big twins

Similar to the factory tool (at less than 15% of it's cost!) this tool prevents the crankshaft from turning by holding both the flywheel, and the ... more info

Part Number: 12911801K

fork collar tool with 2 handles, black oxide

Superior quality fork collar removal tool. Fully coated for rust protection and proper fitment, case hardened for high strength and durability. This ... more info

Part Number: 12912600K

rear main bearing puller tool

This quality tool easily removes the rear crankshaft main bearing perfectly every time. Arguably better than the oem Guzzi tool at nearly half the ... more info

Part Number: 12913600K

5 speed transmission output shaft wrench, layshaft tool

This special tool engages the output shaft nut (14219310) when used in conjunction with the shaft wrench 12907100. Suitable for all big twin 750, ... more info

Part Number: 14905400

Alternator rotor removal tool for Bosch alternators

This handy hardened tool safely removes Bosch alternator rotors from tapered crankshafts. Use with your existing rotor bolt. Insert the hardened pin, ... more info

Part Number: 14906600k

clutch hub ring nut tool, 5 speed transmission, 4 speed output

Clutch hub ring nut tool for 5 speed transmissions on big twins. Removes the transmission input shaft nut in the center of the clutch hub to enable ... more info

Part Number: 14912600K

distributor wrench, 13mm

Simple distributor wrench reaches around and under distributor to access the 13mm bolts allowing easy timing adjustment.

Part Number: 14927001

rear main seal installation tool

Rear main seal installation tool, threads into crankshaft and pulls seal in straight everytime.

Part Number: 14927100Z

cam holding tool, big twins

camshaft holding tool, big twins.

Part Number: 14927300

exhaust nut tool V700-Ambassador-Eldorado-V7Sport

Excellent quality laser cut stainless steel tool removes threaded exhaust collars as found on V700, Ambassador, V750 Special, Eldorado, V7 Sport and ... more info

Part Number: 14927700

cable luber

cable luber tool accepts the little red spray tube on your aerosol can and forces lube down cable

Part Number: 16060002

Workshop engine stand

Workshop engine stand for big twins. Upper frame for supporting oil pan measures 240mm by 260mm, cradle for transmission is adjustable up and down. ... more info

Part Number: 18912450

crankshaft ring nut tool, Bosch alt cranks V11 Sport trans input

Specially hardened tool to remove the crankshaft ring nut (93601026) on models with Bosch or Saprisa alternator crankshafts. This tool is deep enough ... more info

Part Number: 18927650K

ring nut tool for camshaft nut, 1100 Sport 1996-1999

This part is a Special Order item. Due to limited demand, we do not normally stock it. We will order the part directly from the ... more info

Part Number: 18927651

degree wheel kit, wheel, adapter, pointer

Degree wheel kit includes ~9.5 inch diameter, ~1.5mm thick stainless steel wheel, Guzzi big twin crankshaft adapter, and indicator pointer allows ... more info

Part Number: 19929601

female cigarette plug adapter for battery charger harness

Female cigarette lighter plug adapter that plugs directly into battery charger harness 38070047. Great for charging cell phones, powering GPS ... more info

Part Number: 21300056

improved clutch hub holding tool fits both 2mm and 4mm hubs

New and improved clutch hub holding tool for all big twins with 5 speed transmissions, fits both early 2mm and later 4mm deep clutch hubs. Lazer cut ... more info

Part Number: 30912810

MP SyncPro Carburetor Tuner, mercury free

Motion Pro SyncPro Carburetor Tuner is a mercury free manometer. Manometers are considered to be the most accurate tool for synchronizing ... more info

Part Number: 38040003

Carbmate electronic carburetor and throttle body synchronizer

Carbmate electronic carburetor and throttle body synchronizing tool attaches with clips to your motorcycle battery and via hose to your intake ... more info

Part Number: 38040010

rubber holster for Carbmate electronic synchronizing tool

Rubber holster for Carbmate electronic carburetor and throttle body synchronizing tool. Slip on rubber cushioning protection for your Carbmate tool.

Part Number: 38040019

shock absorber spring compressor tool

Shock absorber spring compression tool. This shock absorber compression tool permits disassembly of a variety of shock absorbers. Assembly required.

Part Number: 38050036

retractable test lead set

Convenient retractable test lead set has three colored wires each with alligator clips and rubber insulating cover on both ends. Wires wind up into 6 ... more info

Part Number: 38070023

battery charger harness, fused ring terminal w quick disconnect

Battery Tender brand battery charger harness fits most battery chargers on the market with the quick disconnect fitting. Also fits Optimate harness ... more info

Part Number: 38070047

Lang E-Z Grip Spark Plug Gap Gauge

Sliding scale spark plug gap measuring tool measure gap from 0.5 to 2.0mm. Gap adjuster in end for opening gap. Metric scale on one side, US/Imperial ... more info

Part Number: 38070220

Motion Pro Mini Brake Bleeder Tool, 11mm

Motion Pro Mini Bleeder Tool for 11mm bleeder screws. This tool combines wrench and bleeder check valve into one compact tool. Assists in bleeding ... more info

Part Number: 38080012

Moose Racing Valve Core Fishing Tool

Moose Racing Valve Core Fishing Tool threads into valve stems to aid tire changes. This is one handy item and helps prevent the proverbial busted ... more info

Part Number: 38100042

Motion Pro Rimshield rim protectors, nylon, twin pack

A new design for an old tool. Protects rims from damage during tire changes. Dual raised beads facilitate inserting tire lever under tire bead and ... more info

Part Number: 38110047

Heavy duty Cruz spring hook tool

Heavy duty Cruz spring hook tool. Makes short work of installing center stand and side stand springs. Good quality, reduces bloody knuckles.

Part Number: 38500039

Moose Racing EZ Pour bottle spout

Oil bottle funnel spout helps prevent dribbling oil all over the side of your bike when filling engine oil. Screws onto both narrow and wide mouth ... more info

Part Number: 38500201

ANCRA tie downs, pair

Pair of ANCRA brand tie downs for securing bikes on lifts or for transport.

Part Number: 40888

ANCRA Soft Hooks

Pair of ANCRA Soft Hooks protect chromed and painted parts from tie down hooks.

Part Number: 4521410

Motion Pro tappet feeler gauge .006 & .008 " (.15 - .20 mm)

Motion Pro tappet feeler gauge .006 - .008 " (.15 & .20 mm). Simple small feeler gauge has .006" on one end and .008" on the other for your valve to ... more info

Part Number: 5660622

Motion Pro feeler gauge 0.004" & 0.005 " (0.10 mm & 0.13 mm)

Motion Pro feeler gauge 0.004" & 0.005" (0.10 & 0.13 mm). Simple small feeler gauge has .004" on one end and .005" on the other for your ... more info

Part Number: 5660623

Motion Pro feeler gauge 0.002" & 0.003 " (0.05 mm & 0.08 mm)

Motion Pro feeler gauge 0.002" & 0.003" (0.05 mm & 0.08 mm). Simple small feeler gauge has .002" on one end and .003" on the other for your ... more info

Part Number: 5660624

Ikon shock preload adjuster wrench, spanner

Ikon shock preload adjusting wrench fits 7610 series and Basix. Engages spring seat to adjust spring preload for varying bike/rider weight ... more info

Part Number: 7029170020

oil filter wrench - fits 8 flat oil filters

Oil filter tool with 8 flats fits UFI 14153000, fits older 3015300 0 with 8 flats, and fits HiFlo HF565. This tool has a nice tight fit on the ... more info

Part Number: 8FLATTOOL

Loop frame steering head lock ring tool

Loop frame steering head lock ring tool, V700, Ambassador, Eldorado, V7 Special, 850GT. These tools are sold individually, however a pair of them is ... more info

Part Number: 93601026K

oil filter wrench, 14 flats, big UFI oil filters 30153000

This oil filter tool removes the newest version (~2008 and later) of the large 30153000 UFI 14 facet oil filter as used on most Guzzis since 1994. ... more info

Part Number: DS275120

Cargo bungee net 15" x 15", 6 hook, black

Bungee net, 15 inches x 15 inches at rest, 6 vinyl covered hooks protect finishes, black net and hooks. Stetches to double it's resting size. If ... more info

Part Number: K316539

Lower fork bushing tool V700, Ambassador, Eldorado

Lower fork bushing removal and installation tool for V700, Ambassador and Eldorado. This tool permits proper loosening and tightening of the lower ... more info

Part Number: KZFBT

Steering head wrench Tonti frames

Steering head wrench for Tonti frame models. Stainless steel tool is thin enough to reach under the top triple clamp to adjust steering head bearing ... more info

Part Number: KZTSNT

5mm allen key extension for 3/8" drive

Handy tool for all your Guzzis. The perfect tool for valve cover or rocker box screws and other engine and transmission covers and more. This tool ... more info

Part Number: MG080184

multipurpose ring nut tool clutch, trans, crank, final drive

This multipurpose Italian made ring nut tool fits the crankshaft ring nut on 1972-1993 Tonti frame models, the final drive ring nut on V700 and ... more info

Part Number: MG1042

oil filter access cover tool, V11 Sport, V11 LeMans, full series

Handy, gold anodized aluminum oil filter access cover tool for full V11 Sport and V11 LeMans series motorcycles, as well as Centauro, Daytona RS, and ... more info

Part Number: MG1060

Clutch alignment and installation tool, fits 2mm and 4mm spline

Newly revised dual purpose clutch alignment and spring compression tool fits both 2mm or 4mm clutch center splines, eliminating the need to have two ... more info

Part Number: MG161

Motion Pro valve core remover

Motion Pro valve core remover, removes valves from schrader valves on inner tubes and wheels. Every tool kit should have one.

Part Number: MP080183

Degree Wheel, aluminum, Motion Pro

Motion Pro aluminum degree wheel. Nice aluminum degree wheel allows precise location of timing marks. You think your timing marks are in the correct ... more info

Part Number: MP08092

Motion Pro carb adapters, 6mm, for carb sticks

Motion Pro carb adapters, 6mm, for carb synchronizing. Set of 4, two long, two short, with lock nuts and sealing orings.

Part Number: P510

Super tire iron

Super tire iron, long enough to provide all the leverage you need to mount and dismount tires. Two are normally required.

Part Number: P519

Progressive Suspension shock absorber compression tool

Progressive Suspension shock absorber compression tool. This shock absorber compression tool permits disassembly of a variety of shock absorbers, ... more info

Part Number: PS5508

Accu-Gage tire pressure gauge, 0-60 psi,

Accu-Gage tire pressure gauge. Measures 0-60 psi, brass construction with fabric wrapped rubber hose, includes bleed valve for letting off pressure ... more info

Part Number: RRA60X

Ratio Rite measuring cup

Ratio Rite measuring cup. Extremely useful garage tool for measuring the quantity of fluids, and mixing and pouring. As the name implies, the cup ... more info

Part Number: RRC1

Ratio Rite lid

Ratio Rite Lid. This is a snap fit lid for the RatioRite cup. Keeps the inside of your cup clean between uses.

Part Number: RRL1