Product Image Product Price
Stainless bolt kit rear drive sump Eldorado, 850T, V7 Sport

Stainless fastener bolt kit for the rectangular sump on the bottom of the final drive box on Eldorado, 850GT, 850T, V7 Sport, 750S and some late ... more info

Part Number: KZRDRSUMP

Stainless starter motor bolt kit for Bosch and Marelli starters

Kurtz stainless starter motor bolt kit for Bosch and Marelli starters, not LeMans III or 1985-1987 LeMans 1000 or any other starter where choke lever ... more info

Part Number: KZSM

Stainless caliper bolt kit mounts 3 calipers

Kurtz stainless caliper bolt kit, pre-79 T3, G5, Convert, mounts 3 calipers

Part Number: KZT3C

stainless steel bolt kit for single F08 brake caliper 850T

Stainless steel bolt kit for one F08 brake caliper as found on 850T, 850T3, Convert, G5, etc. These models have one (lower) bolt threaded into the ... more info

Part Number: KZTC

Stainless front timing cover fastener kit Tonti frames

Stainless front timing cover fastener kit Tonti frames.  V7 Sport, 750S, 750S3, 850T, 850T3, 850T4, V1000 Convert, V1000 G5, 850 LeMans, LeMans ... more info

Part Number: KZTIMING

Stainless triple clamp and front axle pinch bolt kit 850T T3 etc

Stainless steel bolt kit for fork triple clamps and front axle pinch bolts for 850T, 850T3, V1000 G5, Convert, SP1000.

Part Number: KZTRIPL

Fastener kit for Valeo starter, stainless steel bolt kit

Hardware kit to install a Valeo type starter onto a model previously equipped with a Bosch or Marelli.  Kit includes stainless steel starter ... more info

Part Number: KZVALEO

Stainless valve cover bolt kit most big twin 2 valve 1968-2010

Kurtz stainless steel valve cover bolt kit for most big twins with 2 valves per cylinder head models, 1968 to 2010, excluding CARC models.  V750 ... more info

Part Number: KZVC