1974 Moto Guzzi Eldorado

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This Eldorado has been set up as a solo rider with an upright riding position. The big Police or California handlebar, the floorboards, the low seat, and the big, wide fairing all combine to create a relaxed and comfortable, yet alert riding position. For many people, this is an ideal all-day rider. This bike has several updates and modifications for performance, comfort and safety. For a little bigger bang, the cylinders were exchanged for a set with a 5mm larger bore diameter to provide 949cc. The transmission was updated by the replacement method — a low mile transmission from an 850T3 was set up with the rear cover from the original Eldorado transmission. This change gives a more durable transmission with several updates over the early Eldo 5 speed. The suspension was upgraded to improve handling and ground clearance. The front brake was updated with a 2nd disk. Using the original Eldorado master cylinder the front wheel brakes hard enough to howl the tire with ease. The 850T rear brake was a bit of a downgrade, but it came along with the upgrade cush drive rear wheel hub that reduces driveline shock, increasing smoothness, durability and longevity. The solo seat is a new old stock V700 Police seat, which was a rare find.

Here’s a partial list of modifications:

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  • 76101429Ikon 76101429 shock absorbers: slightly longer for more ground clearance
  • 14526455longer fork dampers from post ’79 models for more ground clearance
  • 300082315Wirth progressively wound springs: improved ride quality
  • MG301Gilardoni 88mm cylinders with rocker arms, push rods and tappets from a post 1975 model (making 949cc; the rocker arms from later models are a better fit to the push rod tunnels in the new cylinders)
  • MGSPEC38Mistral stainless steel mufflers crossover is included for increased performance and great sound
  • 12120905S38mm stainless steel head pipe, left
  • 12120900S38mm stainless steel head pipe, right
  • 12575321Police or Buffalo fairing replica of original Guzzi fairing offers excellent wind protection and a nice quiet pocket, even for your hands
  • MG757windscreen for Police or Buffalo fairing
  • 28613345300mm Brembo disks
  • 18652201Brembo F08 caliper, left
  • 28652301Brembo F08 caliper, right
  • 13485040Stucchi saddlebag mount, rear bumper with period correct Bates saddlebags
  • 12751305PRSfront turn signal mounts polished stainless steel
  • 13436840Srear turn signal mount polished stainless steel
  • 242001modern halogen headlight lens, bulb, and reflector combo throws a motorcycle specific beam pattern
  • 17603401Tommaselli Daytona 2C throttle with…
  • 13117541T3 Police throttle cables this simple upgrade simplifies your life - easier to change cables, easier to synchronize carbs, easier to twist the throttle, easier to find replacement grips and cables, etc
  • 12746001Bheadlight switch, no solder or…
  • 12746001headlight switch, bare for a period correct appearance
  • 12750301right side turn signal switch also a nod to period correct appearance
  • 13450440Police or California crash bar provides a mounting point for the big side stand
  • 29432050big side stand provides maximum stability
  • 05100184side stand spring best spring that we’ve found for the big side stand
  • 13433440bracket for the big side stand
  • 13432741Klocking lug for the big side stand locks the stand into the down position
  • 12450300standard right side front crash bar protects the bike and the rider
  • 13458840left rear crash bar for more complete crash protection
  • 13458240right rear crash bar for more complete crash protection
  • 12460541similar V700 solo seat this current production solo seat is directly interchangeable and is similar to the seat used on this project bike, but it uses springs at the rear
  • 13466545chrome luggage rack original to 850GT California, fits all solo seat Eldorados and Ambassadors
  • 2030650traditional round mirror fits these wide bars well, giving good rear vision
  • 13600340Police or California handlebar these big, wide, original bend handlebars work good with floorboard equipped bikes
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