Magnum Brake Line Builders Kit, 10mm chrome and stainless

  • Part Number: 399004
  • Manufactured by: Magnum

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Build Your Own DOT approved brake lines with this comprehensive kit. Magnum brake hose components are perfect for hobbyists and commercial shops alike, providing a fast and efficient way to construct DOT approved hoses to fit your specific application. 

This kit contains the correct size fittings suitable for all standard Brembo brake components as used on Moto Guzzi motorcycles since 1974. 

Patented design meets all FMVSS-106 standards once assembled per the included instructions, for safe and reliable on-road use (see compatibility note below)

Assemble in 5 minutes with only a side cutters and a wrench

Kits available in both stainless and black finishes

Basic Builder Metric Kits contain a selection of 10mm banjos, fittings and a mini 3-way manifold to build multiple brake lines

All kits are organized in a labeled, compartmental carrying case and include 25ft. of non-yellowing clear coated braided stainless steel hose, chrome plated banjos, polished stainless hardware, copper crush washers plus a set of durable Aluminum BYOVise Jaws

Brake hose and fittings are DOT labeled, pressure tested and 100% inspected

Individual parts are available to keep your kit stocked.