"F09" caliper, rear or front right

  • Part Number: 18653060

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"F09" caliper, twin opposed 48mm pistons. This is a reproduction caliper based on the discontinued Brembo F09 from the 1970s and 1980s. Guzzi used these in rear brake applications on various models in different markets, and they were popular as a modification on many others. Caliper comes complete, but no pads are included. The originnal F09 caliper was sometimes used to improve the master cylinder ratio on early single disk 850T and Eldorado with ~15mm hand master cylinders. Similarly, these calipers can be used to improve the master cylinder ratio on models where the integral braking system has been disabled and the rear caliper is driven by a ~15mm foot master cylinder. The original F09 was also used by Moto Guzzi as a component in the integral braking system, for USA, this was limited to early versions of 1000SP.

This caliper fits front right when the caliper is mounted in front of the fork, and rear when the caliper is mounted above the axle.

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