EBC kevlar organic pads rear V11 Californias '98 on, Quota front

  • Part Number: FA2092
  • Manufactured by: EBC

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EV, Jackal, Bassa, California Special, Special Sport, Aluminum, Titanium, Metal, California Stone, Stone Touring, EV Touring, Vintage, front on 1100 Quota ES.

Standard replacement brake pad suitable for all disk materials.

Superior streetbike brake pad.

Can be used to replace organic or sintered brake pads

Benefit from low disc abrasion and dust

EBC Brakes™ Organic OE quality replacement motorcycle brake pads are manufactured in the UK using high technology ECO friendly brake pad compounds that deliver fingertip stopping power. With over 40 million sets sold worldwide, the E327 grade organic compound has been a high selling EBC product for over 15 years and is suitable for all road bikes and scooters.

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