Pair of seat grab handles for V7 and V7 II series

  • Part Number: 978951P
  • Manufactured by: LGC

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Pair of seat grab handles suitable for use on V7 series motorcycles, including V7 Stone II and any V7 or V7II series motorcycle where you have unobstructed access to the mounting points.

These genuine Italian hand rails provide a sturdy handle for lifting the bike onto a center stand, or lifting onto a work stand, or for simply moving the bike around while parking or in your garage. They also provide an anchor point for bungee cords or while strapping things to the rear seat.

These grab handles are an aftermarket alternative to the original Guzzi part numbers 978951 right side and 978952 left side, as shown in the diagram as items 18 and 19. May interfere with bodywork or exhaust on some models (V7 Racer, V7 Racer II, V7 II Stornello).

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