RAM low inertia clutch kit, bikes with no flywheel sensors

  • Part Number: MG1096620
  • Manufactured by: RAM

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RAM low inertia clutch kit for big twins with 5 speed transmissions and no flywheel sensors. RAM clutches have now had the benefit of over 16 years of continuous product evolution and improvements. Beginning in 2015, all RAM clutches come equipped with the MIBA friction disk. Clutch is supplied assembled, centered, and checked on an electronic balancing machine. Paraphrasing and translating the RAM technical features sheet there are 10 claimed improvements with the low inertia clutch:

1. Reduction of polar inertia moment (flywheel effect) which allows better engine acceleration especially from low rpm.
2. Reduction of the dragging effect of the engine (reverse torque) after release of the throttle.
3. Reduction of vibration thanks to perfect balancing of the entire assembly which is not possible with the original clutch.
4. Reduced hand lever pressure resulting in less hand fatigue.
5. Increased precision and rapidity of clutch engagement and disengagement.
6. More progressive clutch engagement.
7. Increased ability to transmit higher torque and horsepower.
8. Lower wear of the clutch disk with reduced maintenance.
9. Fewer parts (no intermediate plate, no second friction plate) subject to wear.
10. Ease of assembly, gearbox can be fitted to engine without centering of the clutch disk.

Kits are complete as shown including: flywheel, new deep spline clutch hub, friction plate, spring plate, pressure plate, and flywheel bolts. Instructions are included. Price original equivalents of these items separately and you'll realize that this clutch kit is priced very reasonably.