Starter ring gear, flywheel ring gear, many models 1967 - 2012

  • Part Number: 17067900

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Starter ring gear, flywheel ring gear, ~4.6 pounds, suitable for all big twins using M8 bolts to attach to flywheel.

Suitable for V700, Ambassador, V750 Special, Eldroado, 850GT, V7 Sport, 750S, 850T, 850T3, T4, T5, S3, Convert, G5, 850 LeMans, LeMans II, LeMans III, LeMans 1000 all years LeMans IV and LeMans V, CX100, SP1000, SP II, SP III, California II, California III, Mille, 1000S, Strada, Quota 1000, California 1100, EV, EV Touring, Jackal, Bassa, California Special, California Stone, Stone Touring, Special Sport, Aluminum, Titanium, Vintage,

This item is a direct replacement for 12067900

Not used on small twin 350, 500, 650 or 750cc bikes. Not used on 750 Breva, Nevada Classic IE, or V7 and V7 II series small twins. Not used on Daytona, Centauro, 1100 Sports or Daytona RS. Not used on V11 Sports or it's LeMans, Tenni, Scurra, Naked or Cafe variants. Not used on CARC models.

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