Lightened flywheel, 850 LeMans and similar, approx 5.5 pounds

  • Part Number: 140670501

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Aftermarket pre-lightened steel flywheel suitable for all big twins with 8 spring dual plate clutches. These flywheels are lightened at the factory, weighing in at approximately 5.5 pounds, saving nearly 2 pounds which was taken mostly by thinning the outer ring where the weight loss is most effective. These suitable for all big twin models with no flywheel sensors, so basically any of the early big twins running carburetors, and quite a few of the later fuel injected 1100cc California models too. Fits all V7 Sport, 850T/T3/T4/T5, LeMans 850/1000, California II/III, 1000SP/SP2, Eldorado, Ambassador, V700, etc.

Lighter flywheels change speed faster than heavier flywheels. Your engine doesn't have to work as hard to spin up a lighter flywheel, so it gains rpm faster, and a lighter flywheel allows your engine to slow down faster as well.