SD-TEC clutch kit, 2 plates, hub, interrmediate plate 5 speeds

  • Part Number: 30084410KIT
  • Manufactured by: Stein Dinse

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SD-TEC clutch kit, for 5 speed big twin Guzzis. Includes 2 clutch friction plates for 4mm deep spline clutch hubs, a matching clutch hub, an intermediate plate, and a lock washer. Friction plates are both bonded and riveted for maximum strength, smooth engagement, and durability.

This clutch plate is a substitute for all original deep spline clutch plates including oem numbers 03084401, 05084430, 03084410 and 03084400. The plates in these kits are currently running approximately 8.3mm thick, which is a little bit thicker than the 8.0mm normal thickness.