Soft clutch spring for late model 10 spring clutches

  • Part Number: 04084100

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These are soft clutch springs as used in 10 spring clutches as found on models such as V11 Sport (and variants), V11 LeMans (and variants), Breva 1100, Breva 1200, Griso 1100, Norge 1200, Breva 850, Norge 850, Griso 850, Sport 1200, Bellagio 940, and similar models. There is a distinction on some models where Guzzi references "2nd Series" and in these instances 5 of these soft springs are used with 5 of the firmer 13084100 (GU13084100) springs. Note these springs have an additional coil (~6) as compared to the firmer 13084100 (~5) and therefore may reach coil bind prior to full release when used with thicker than normal clutch plates such as current production 30084410SD.

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