Three Bond 1207B liquid gasket, 3.4 oz tube

  • Part Number: TB1207B

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Three Bond 1207B is a black, non-solvent type silicone based, liquid gasket maker recommended by many OEM manufacturers including Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Triumph, BMW, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Vespa, Piaggio, Evinrude/Johnson/OMC, Toyota, and likely others. Works effectively for joint surfaces that have a larger clearance. Used where a traditional paper gasket is not used. Used on crankcases, water pumps, oil pumps, and many other applications.

Excellent chemical resistance against coolants and engine oil.

Excellent adhesion, fast curing, low shrinkage.

Dries quickly and offers excellent pressure resistance immediately after applying and assembling.

Has high viscosity and excellent protuberance, and works effectively for the joint surfaces that have a larger clearance.

Cures even if it is left at high temperature of 120A?C in uncured state. 

No generation of corrosive gases.

Normal disassembly.

Does not corrode copper and copperbased alloys.

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