Matte black hugger CARC models: Griso Stelvio Norge Bellagio

  • Part Number: MG134M

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Matte black hugger inner fender for all Moto Guzzis with CARC final drive. These are the finest huggers on the market for these motorcycles. They are specifically designed for Guzzi's CARC final drive as found on: Breva 1100, Sport 1200, Breva V850, Griso 850, Griso 1100, Griso 8V, Bellagio, Norge, Stelvio, Stelvio NTX. Includes all necessary mounting hardware, mounts securely to the reaction rod with a padded clamp, adjustable for and aft for proper clearance. Durable and strong glass fiber and stainless steel construction. Genuine Italian product, made in Italy.

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