Cable guide, wire guide, bright plated steel, many models

  • Part Number: 93301313

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Cable guide, wire guide, bright plated steel. These were (are) commonly used to hold a wire assembly tight to the frame for both protection and clearance. Often found rusted near the steering head and under the side covers. Used on many models, useful on many others. 


As used on V700. Ambassador, Eldorado, V7 Sport, 750S, 850T, 850T3, V1000 G5, Convert, 1000SP, SPII, SPIII, California II, Mille GT, 1000S, 850 LeMans, 850 LeMans II, 850 LeMans III, CX100, 850T4, 850T5, LeMans 1000, Benelli 900 Sei, Nevada 750, V65 Florida, V65, V65SP, V50, V50III. 

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