Kuryakyn LED battery gauge, chrome, charge system monitor

  • Part Number: 22120030

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Kuryakyn LED charging system monitor, 12 volt battery gauge, chrome housing. Tiny unit only ~44mm (~1.75 inches) wide mounts easily using attached self adhesive pad. Easy 2 wire connection, instructions included. Green LED lights indicate normal alternator charging function between 12.5 and 14.5 volts. Yellow LED lights indicate the alternator is not charging. Red LED lights indicate voltage below 10V (battery drained and alternator not charging) or above 15V (alternator overcharging). Volt meter voltage

This unit is suitable for all Moto Guzzis (and all other vehicles with charging systems), but is particularly useful on those models where the Guzzi did not include an alternator idiot light on the console: Breva 750, Nevada Classic, California Vintage, V7 Classic, Bellagio, or where aftermarket regulator/rectifier units eliminate the charge light. etc

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