Floorboard foot board kit for Eldorado Ambassador

  • Part Number: 13443000K

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Give your feet more room to move, allow your legs and knees to change positions and to relax, reduce fatique on long rides. Chrome plated floorboard base with cushioned rubber foot rest matts. Reduces vibration much better than flat rubber floorboard matts alone. These boards are positioned for maximum comfort and support allowing you to position your feet both in front of you and underneath you to allow you to relieve some of your weight off your butt. Great for taller riders and shorter riders alike. These also position your feet at a slight angle to hold your feet on the board rather than allow them to drift off due to vibration, road bumps, or wind. Black powder coated steel mounting brackets. Stainless steel hardware. These will reduce cornering clearance, but the foot rest portion folds up easily upon contact with pavement providing warning. Kit includes hardware and instructions. Requires use of original equipment left side heel and toe shift lever, and bushing. Will not fit with large police style sidestands.

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