GIFRAP rear set foot peg kit: LeMans 850, LM2, CX100

  • Part Number: MGPF001
  • Manufactured by: GIFRAP

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Rear set foot rest kit for 1976-1978 LeMans 850, LeMans II, and CX100. GIFRAP rear set kits are heavy duty cast aluminum construction with low friction pivots at the shift and brake lever pivot points. Shift and brake levers pivot independently on the fixed foot pegs. These rear sets locate the foot rest just above and between the two frame bolts providing an aggressive rider position and increased cornering clearance. They are equipped with rubber foot peg covers and rubber toe peg covers. The shift and brake linkages have ball joint type connections. The passenger peg mounts and muffler hangers are the same geometry as 850 LeMans, LM2 and CX100. They do not accept the original passenger foot pegs. Italian GIFRAP rear sets.

This design for early Tonti frame models makes these rear sets suitable for other similarly equipped models and for custom installations.