Carburetor vent hose ~4mm, 3 feet

  • Part Number: 07060138

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Motion Pro Premium fuel line and vent hose, 1/8", 3 feet

This vent hose fits perfectly on the small ~4mm brass vent tube as found on Dellorto PHF 30 and PHF 36 carburetors. Keeps rain water and debris out of your carburetor float bowl.

Motion Pro's best quality fuel line

Stronger and more durable than vinyl fuel line

Use with any type of gasoline

Resists swelling and hardening

Resistant to direct sunlight, hardening and/or cracking

Flexible in temperatures from 35F to 165F

Fuel line stretches easily over fittings or petcocks

Sold in 3 ft lengths

Made in the USA

Warning: Not for use with fuel injected engines (not to be pressurized)

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