External oil filter sump extender, filter outside

  • Part Number: 200099050

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Don't want to drop your oil pan every time you change your oil filter? This simple device relocates your oil filter to the outside of the engine for easy oil filter changes. When installed, the oil filter is located in a tucked up position behind the engine and below the transmission where it is protected from road hazards. As a bonus, a built in baffle plate (aka windage tray) reduces oil slosh in your crankcase and control the oil in your crankcase ventilation system, helping to prevent your engine oil breather tube from either dripping onto the pavement, or fouling your air filter. This device fits all Tonti frame big blocks that were originally equipped with oil filters and shallow sumps with or without spacers. If you have your oil changed by a professional, this item will more than pay for itself in shop time savings! If you change your own oil, this device will save you time and aggravation.


If your motorcycle is equipped with a factory (or aftermarket) sump spacer (for example 850 LeMans III, LeMans 1000, 1000S, Mille GT, SPII, SPIII, Strada, T5, Quota, California II, California III, California 1100, earliest California EV) your existing oil pan bolts are the correct length and you need not purchase them.

If your motorcycle is not equipped with a sump spacer (I Convert, 850 LeMans, 850 LeMans II, late 850T, 850T3, V1000 G5, SP1000, etc) then you must buy longer oil pan bolts to install this item. See related products.

If your motorcycle is from the 1100cc California series (1994-2013) you must remove the small bolt-on frame cross member to provide clearance for the oil filter. If your 1100cc California model is late 1998 and later and has the deep oil pan without a factory spacer, a better product for you is the G&G sump part number MG368. However, shallow sumps are fairly common on the used market and can be retrofit to your motorcycle.

If your motorcycle is a V1000 I-Convert you must create a little extra clearance for the bell housing drain fitting.

It is always recommended that you install new oil pan gaskets, however the choice is yours.

To install, you simply remove the threaded oil filter bung in the bottom of your existing oil pan, and replace it with the plug included in this kit. You then re-install the threaded oil filter bung into the receptacle on this item, and screw on your new oil filter. Some models have extended oil return tubes that contact the baffle plate. To remedy it's best to create clearance in the baffle plate by cutting a groove, or people report success by cutting back the oil return tube.