Piston pin circlip LeMans 1000 1000S Centauro most 1100cc

  • Part Number: 90351038

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Original equipment wire piston pin circlip as used on 1000cc "big valve" engines as found in LeMans 1000 all years LeMans IV and LeMans V, 1991 1000S, and also used on California 1100, Daytona 1000, 1100 Sport carb, 1100 Sport injected, Centauro, Daytona RS, EV, EV Touring, Jackal, Bassa, California Special, Special Sport, California Stone, Stone Touring, Aluminum, Titanium, Stone Metal, V11 Sport, V11 LeMans, Rosso Mandello, Nero Corsa, Scura, Tenni, V11 Cafe Sport, V11 Sport Naked, Ballabio, Coppa Italia, QuotaES 1100.

This style of piston circlip is unique with the 90 degree turned out ends that fit into a machined out pocket in the side of the piston.

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