Deep V sump with external oil filter

  • Part Number: MG369
  • Manufactured by: MVS Performance

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Originally designed for road and track use, this deep V oil pan offers multiple benefits, especially for the sport rider. Most obvious, the front mounted external oil filter allows quick and easy oil filter changes without removing 18 oil pan bolts or disturbing the pan gasket. In addition, the oil level sight glass allows oil level inspection without tools and without using a dipstick. Most importantly for the sport rider, the deep V sump design reduces the incidence of oil pump cavitation during braking and acceleration by creating a deeper oil pool for the pump to draw from. Of benefit to all, the deep sump lowers the engine oil surface level relative to the crankshaft for improved crankcase ventilation function. No external add-ons, no extra hoses, no additional plumbing. Simply transfer the threaded oil filter fitting, the oil pressure relief valve, and the oil pickup screen from your existing pan into the new one. Fits all big twin Tonti frame models with conventional oil pans and original oil fiters, 1975 through 2012 but does not fit spine frame models or models with CARC.