Multipurpose ring nut tool clutch, trans, crank, final drive

  • Part Number: MG1042

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This multipurpose Italian made ring nut tool fits the crankshaft ring nut on 1972-1993 Tonti frame models, the final drive ring nut on V700 and Ambassador models, and the clutch hub or transmission input shaft nut on early (1972-2013 (California)) 5 speed big twin transmissions and 6 speed transmissions in V11 Sport and V11 LeMans. One end fits nut 93601026 the other end fits nut 93601022. Quite honestly, this is a fairly low quality tool. We carried this tool back in the '90s and early 2000's, but discontinued it due to customer complaints about low quality. However, we have decided to offer it again due to it's low cost and the fact that it can be useful for a one time or occasional use tool. We offer no warranty on this tool. You apply torque by hand, after inserting a crossbar through the holes. We do offer better quality tools for these applications, see part numbers 18927650K and 14912600K.

Note: some of our long time customers may remember that we used to loan these tools to people buying new clutch parts, but they didn't hold up very well, they often came back damaged, and some never came back at all so that was the end of the free loaner tool program.