7" headlight, lens and reflector with H4 60-55 halogen bulb

  • Part Number: 242001

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These are really nice headlights, throwing a well controlled beam. Great beam pattern, and with a nice classic look due to the bulbous, convex lens. Included is a standard 7" headlight lens and reflector assembly, and 60/55 watt H4 halogen headlight bulb. This unit throws a motorcycle specific beam pattern with a horizontal cutoff to prevent blinding traffic in front of you, and right side ditch wedge to illuminate signs and the right side ditch. Fits most models with 7 inch headlights using the standard DOT three tab headlight alignment. If the bulb burns out, you can buy a replacement H4 bulb anywhere auto parts are sold, and it simply plugs into the back of the reflector, there is no need to change the lens and reflector, only the bulb.

Note: your headlight plug may interfere with the original fuse panel in Ambassador and Eldorado headlights, the reflector may be a touch too deep and the three prong plug could contact the fuse block. Be sure to pay attention when installing in these models. This headlight fits easily into the deeper V700 shell.Fits V7 Sport, 850T, T3, etc. Also note that this is a not a replacement for the larger (>7 inch) Bosch headlight used on most models 1994-201X.

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