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dual point distributor condenser retaining screw, stainless

condenser, V700-Amb-Eld
Part Number: 12715421
Price: $9.05

distributor rotor, Eld, Amb, V700
Part Number: 12715431
Price: $15.12

ignition coil, with mount
Part Number: 14716503
Price: $44.48

green spark plug wire, per meter
Part Number: 200073005
Price: $12.33

cloth covered spark plug wire set, red with black tracer
Part Number: 21040266
Price: $26.96 Sale: $22.50 Save: 17%

NGK CPR8EB-9 spark plug
Part Number: 887481
Price: $5.36

NGK BP6ES spark plug
Part Number: BP6ES
Price: $2.66

NGK BP7ES spark plug
Part Number: BP7ES
Price: $2.66

NGK BP8ES spark plug
Part Number: BP8ES
Price: $2.66

NGK BPR6ES spark plug
Part Number: BPR6ES
Price: $2.66

NGK plug wire splicer, each
Part Number: J18083
Price: $6.26