Product Image Product Price
Clutch/brake microswitch Guzzi Ducati V11 Sport 53940041B

GU01530581  GU27749815   Microswitch for clutch and brake master cylinders as used on numerous Moto Guzzi and Ducati motorcycle ... more info

Part Number: 01530581

Hand brake switch since 2002 V7/II/III Stone Griso Stelvio Norge

GU03749845, AP8224192   Brake light switch. Hand brake microswitch for paddle type brake levers used on most all Guzzi models since 2002, ... more info

Part Number: 03749845

Brake light switch 10x1 SP LeMans I/II/III CX V11 Sport Ducati

06261020  079654114 GU14657050   Brake light switch as used on many Guzzi models from 1976 to 2005. Also fitting Brembo ... more info

Part Number: 14657050

Universal mechanical brake switch, 850T V7 Sport GU14741110

14741110 Universal K&S brake switch with mechanical actuation, pull the spring to complete the circuit. Fits into 12mm hole, free spring length ... more info

Part Number: 14741110A

Brake light switch 850T V50 3 Disk Eldorado plug type 1.25 pitch

GU25657001 Hydraulic front brake light switch as used on 850T, V50III, disc brake Eldorado, V65C, V65SP, V65TT, also listed for California II rear ... more info

Part Number: 25657001

Brake light switch Lario LeMans 1000 1984-1988, SPII

Alternate brake light switch for models using the original hand master cylinder: V65 Lario, LeMans 1000 1984 to 1987 (LeMans IV), SP II, some ... more info

Part Number: 28741100

Brake light switch, hand brake microswitch GU30749860

GU30530526  Daytona 1000, Nevada and Nevada Club to 2003, California 1100, 1100 Sport carb, 1100 Sport injected, Centauro, Daytona RS, 1998-2000 ... more info

Part Number: 30749860

Brembo brake light switch, hand brake microswitch

California 1100 1994-1997, 1998-2000 California EV, Jackal, Quota ES, Bassa, California Special, 1100 Sport Corsa, 1100 Sport Injected, V11 LeMans ... more info

Part Number: 30749860B

Brake light switch rear V700 Ambassador Eldorado 850GT

Rear brake light switch for V700, Ambassador, V750 Special 1969-1971, Eldorado and 850GT. Newly revised piece mounts exactly the same as the original ... more info

Part Number: 55741100

Alternate brake light switch, rear, V700 Ambassador Eldorado

Low cost EMGO alternative to the rear brake light switch for V700 Ambassador, V750 Special 1969-1971, 850GT and Eldorado. Mounts basically the same ... more info

Part Number: 55741100B

Foot and hand brake light switch 1975 - 2000's GU63657000

079654116   Commonly used hydraulic, plug type, brake light switch. This switch is M10 with a 1.0 thread pitch. Hand and foot brake on 850T3, ... more info

Part Number: 63657000

Ball, brake microswitch

This is the little steel ball that actuates the brake light switch when you pull in the brake lever on most rectangular reservoir Brembo master ... more info

Part Number: 92295708

brake light switch, banjo bolt M10 x 1.00

Goodridge brake light switch, banjo bolt 1.00 pitch thread, single, with wires is a substitute for the original 14657050 switch. This brake switch ... more info

Part Number: BL99231CH

brake light switch banjo bolt type 10mm x 1.25

Goodridge hydraulic brake light switch. This switch is a single banjo bolt type, meaning it replaces a standard banjo bolt and attaches one brake ... more info

Part Number: BL99232CH

Goodridge brake light switch double banjo bolt 1.00

Goodridge brake light switch, double banjo bolt 1.00 pitch thread

Part Number: BL99331CH

brake light switch, double banjo bolt 10mm x 1.25

Brake light switch that is a double banjo bolt with a 10mm x 1.25 thread pitch. Some Guzzi brake components (such as early junction blocks sometimes ... more info

Part Number: BL99332CH