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All orders are shipped by either United Parcel Service (UPS) or United States Postal Service Priority Mail (USPSPM). All orders are sent with insurance to cover the contents in case of loss or damage, and all orders have online tracking.

MG Cycle ships all orders as quickly as possible and in the order received. Tracking numbers are automatically emailed to you by the carrier. If you think you did not receive a tracking number, check your spam filter. MG Cycle ships all orders Monday through Friday. The majority of orders ship same day or within 24 hours, however orders placed after noon on Friday, and during the weekend will ship on Monday. During the busiest times of the year, it is possible that an additional day will be required for some orders. MG Cycle charges a $1.00 processing fee on all orders.

It is important that you provide your complete and correct address for delivery purposes. The address that you enter is the address that we will ship to. Incorrect or incomplete addresses result in delivery delays, address correction fees, and undeliverable packages. In the event that you provide an incorrect address and we are assessed an address correction fee, we will charge the credit card you used to place your order a $15 charge to cover the address correction fees. If necessary, we will also charge your card any additional shipping cost to get the package to the final destination. If a package is lost due to an incorrect or incomplete address, there is no recourse and you will not be credited or compensated. Accuracy is very important. Please take the time to verify that your delivery address is correct.

Please keep in mind that delivery charges depend on your address as well as the actual weight, physical dimensions, and insured value of the final package. These characteristics cannot be determined until your order is packaged and prepared for shipping. For this reason, we do not quote shipping costs. Please be assured that we make every effort to help keep shipping costs to a minimum, while packing items appropriately to avoid damage.

Notes regarding delivery to addresses in the USA:

Our software automatically selects the lowest cost shipping option for each order, and that is the option that we use. If you wish to disregard the lowest cost shipping option and specify your preferred shipping method, you may state your preference in the comments field when placing your order. If you do not specify a preference, we will send your order via the lowest cost option. If you specify a shipping option that is not possible (for example, box too large, or service not offered), we will default to the lowest cost shipping option or the option nearest your preference. You will be notified of the actual shipping method when you receive your tracking number..

In general, most small orders weighing less than 4 pounds ship via USPSPM. Orders over 4 pounds might go either way. Physically large, heavy, or expensive orders normally ship via UPS. Of course, there are exceptions.

Time in transit maps for both UPS and USPSPM are shown below. These maps were generated from the carriers websites in July 2014 and may have changed. Refer to each of the carriers websites for current maps and more information. For your convenience, MG Cycle is located in Zip Code 53502.

UPS transit times

UPS transit times

USPS transit times

USPS transit times

If you need faster shipping than the charts show, UPS offers several faster options including Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, and 3 Day Select. The faster you want it, the more it costs. For example, a bubble wrap shipping envelope weighing under 1 pound to a residential address on either the east or west coasts is likely to cost from $60 to $70 for Next Day Air service. The larger the package, both in dimension and in weight, the more it costs. A windshield for example, or a set of mufflers, can easily cost a two or three hundred dollars to send via Next Day Air. Typically, 2nd Day Air service might cost half of Next Day Air, and 3 Day Select service might add $10 to $15 to the standard ground cost depending on the dimensions and destination. These are generalities, and actual costs will vary. Just be aware that priority service is available but it is not cheap.

For more information about shipping cost estimates, visit the shipping company websites or .

As of January 2017, the lowest cost delivery option for an order (value less than $50) to an address in the USA is a USPSPM flat rate envelope at $7.65. A small USPSPM flat rate box shipped inside the USA costs $8.15.

Notes regarding International Shipments (outside of the USA):

United Parcel Service (UPS) is our preferred carrier for all international orders. However, if you want to use United States Postal Service Priority Mail (USPSPM) you can simply tell us that in the comments field during check out, and we will send your order via USPSPM. We have decided to default to UPS because of their superior time-in-transit (4-5 business days to most countries), greater package tracking capabilities, and because of their proven track record as the most reliable carrier in the transportation industry. In order to facilitate this and keep the costs comparable, we are shipping international packages (other than ground to Canada) with a 60% discount off of the UPS published rates. We have found this discount level makes the cost for UPS delivery very comparable to the lower cost shipping options, however the cost will sometimes be higher. We believe that some things are worth paying for, however we respect your opinion, and we offer you the choice. Be aware that addresses outside of major metropolitan areas may be subject to the UPS Remote Area Delivery Surcharge of US$30. This fee is not subject to discount. You are encouraged to use the UPS website to determine if your delivery location is subject to this surcharge.

MG Cycle does not falsify or otherwise alter invoices for customs or tax evasion purposes. Your government may assess import taxes or duties upon you. These charges are your responsibility. Your government may require the carrier to collect these charges before you can accept delivery. If this is a concern, you should contact your government to learn more. MG Cycle cannot absorb all costs for international shipping in order to correct simple mistakes. Please understand that there is some risk in shopping outside of your home country, and we expect that you will agree to share it. For example, if we forget to include something that you ordered, we will be happy to include the missing item in your next order, or we will refund the cost for the missing item, depending on your preference.

Special Notes for Canadians:

If your ship to address is in Canada, UPS has two shipping options for you. One option is UPS Ground to Canada, the other is UPS EXPEDITED. Please see the flowchart below to find out whether your order will come UPS Expedited or UPS Ground to Canada. If you desire one option over the other, just tell us in the comments field when you place your order.

Special note for Canadian customers receiving a Ground shipments:

Canada Customs requires Canadian recipients to pay applicable duties and taxes on each shipment entering Canada. These charges may include PST, GST, HST, duties and other taxes of goods (e.g. excise tax). A brokerage fee is also charged to process shipments and present the requisite customs paperwork to Canada Customs on the importer’s behalf.

Your Ground to Canada order will be shipped under UPS’s e-Tailer Brokerage Program (eBP), where eligible shipments imported into Canada for non-commercial purposes and valued under CAD$ 200 shipped via UPS Ground to Canada service are subject to a reduced brokerage fee of CAD$ 10, plus any applicable duties and taxes.

Shipments valued at CAD$200 and above and/or being imported to Canada for commercial purposes and/or subject to specialized clearance may incur additional fees.

Please, be aware that UPS will request payment of these charges at the time of delivery. You have the ability to call UPS ahead of time (1-800-742-5877) to pay these charges, eliminating the need for payment on delivery.

Final notes for all international customers:

If you want us to ship your order via the lowest cost carrier, simply tell us that in the comments field when you place your order, and we will do it. Shipping via UPS costs more than shipping via USPSPM because you are paying for a higher level of service. UPS provides you with better package tracking and faster delivery times. Most packages sent via UPS arrive at international destinations within 1 week. Orders sent via USPSPM have less accurate tracking, and most arrive in one or two weeks, but occasionally we have seen them take 3 or even 4 or more weeks. The choice over which delivery service to use is yours, and if you have a preference you must tell us. Occasionally there is no choice, for example, the Postal Service does not always carry large boxes, and the only carrier capable of delivering is UPS. In general, the Postal Service is the lowest cost carrier for most international shipments, but not always. Currently (February 2016) the lowest cost international delivery for a USPSPM bubble mailer or very small box (orders less than US$50) is approximately US$35 (US$25 to Canada). Many small to medium sized boxes cost in the range of US$45-US$60 for USPSPM. Please note that larger, heavier, and more valuable packages always cost more regardless of the carrier. Be aware that very large packages such as those necessary for windshields, exhaust systems, fairings, fuel tanks, seats, handlebars, and similar sized items often have shipping costs to international destinations ranging from US$90 to sometimes as much as US$450. Our standard large box for mufflers for example, measures 38 inches by 14 inches by 8 inches. These boxes ship to most countries for something in the range of US$90-$150.