Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is my receipt? Where is my tracking number?
A: All receipts and tracking numbers are sent via email to the email address associated with your account. These emails are sent automatically and you will receive them by the end of the day. We discontinued the paper invoice in 2016.

Q: The item I want to order is showing currently sold out. How can I know when it will become available again?
A: Email your question to info@mgcycle.com. Be sure to include the part number of the item, and we will investigate and reply as soon as possible.

Q: I need to return an item, how do I do that?
A: Simply contact us via email or telephone to obtain a return authorization number. All returns are subject to our return policy as described on our Store Policies page.

Q: Why is my shipping charge not shown during checkout?
A: Sometimes the shipping cost is not known until after the order is placed. There are two common reasons for this. The first reason is because you are ordering a heavy or oversized item that does not qualify for our standard flat rate shipping. The second reason is that you are having the order delivered to an address that is very far away, such as Alaska, Hawaii, or a foreign country. In either of these situations, our standard flat rate shipping is not available, and your shipping cost will be calculated based on the destination address, and the weight, value, and dimensions of the carton necessary to contain and protect the items that you ordered. We provide a range of typical delivery costs on our USA and International shipping policy pages so you can see example shipping costs and estimate for yourself.

Q: I need technical advice and wish to speak to someone before making my order, when is a good time to call?
A: You can call anytime day or night and leave your question on our voice mail, and we will return the call during normal business hours. For efficiency, it is preferable that you email your questions to info@mgcycle.com anytime day or night, and we will reply as soon as possible.

Q: I just placed an order but I forgot something! Can I add it?
A: You should consider your order final the moment you submit it. Once your order has been processed it is no longer possible to change it. However, if you contact us before the order is processed we can make changes. Often, the best way to add to an order is to simply place a second order, and note in the comments field that you would like the orders combined into one shipment if possible. If you have received your invoice email it is too late to make any changes.

Q: What is the meaning of Special Order?
A: Special Order is a term that we apply to any item that we do not normally keep on our shelves, but we can get for you if you commit to purchase it in advance. Normally, the reason we do not keep a Special Order part on the shelf is because it is a slow seller. When you order a Special Order part, you are committing to accept the part when it comes in, you pay for it in advance, and you cannot return it.

Q: I returned an item and you charged me a restocking fee - why is that?
A: The restocking fee is necessary because of the costs incurred to process returns. In addition to our costs of processing your return, the credit card company charges their full fee again, so we charge a restocking fee to help recover these costs.

Q: When you say left side or right side, which side of the bike are you referring to?
A: Left and right sides are referenced while seated on the motorcycle in the driving position. For example, the kickstand is located on the left side.

Q: When do you charge my credit card?
A: Your credit card is normally charged just before your order enters the couriers system. There is one exception to this: if you order a Special Order item, we will charge your card ahead of time so that we can be sure that it is yours when it arrives at our facility.