drum brakes

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Front brake shoe pair Ambassador Eldorado V700, V7 Sport rear

These brake shoes are for the front brake on Ambassador, V750 Special, and most V700 and Eldorado models when the bike is equipped with the standard ... more info

Part Number: 12620800

Rear brake shoe pair Eldorado Ambassador V700

Brake shoe pair, rear, Eldorado, Ambassador, V700, V750 Special, 850GT. Italian shoes are new castings using modern day friction material for sure ... more info

Part Number: 12637400

Front drum brake return spring, Eld-Amb-V700, 2 shoe drum

Front drum brake return spring, Eldorado, Ambassador, V700, V7 Special, 2 shoe drum

Part Number: 12638100

rear brake spring, Eld-Amb-V700-V7 Sport 2 shoe

Rear brake spring for the 2 shoe drum brake found on Eldorado, Ambassador, V700, 750S and V7 Sport.

Part Number: 12638200

brake rod, rear actuating rod, V700 Ambassador

Rear brake actuating rod for V700, Ambassador , and most Eldorado. Chrome plated steel, approximately 406mm (~16 inches) long. Note that there were ... more info

Part Number: 12676001

brake rod, rear actuating rod, V7 Sport, 850T, 750S, 850 GT Cali

Rear brake actuating rod for left side shift V7 Sport, 750S, 850T, and 850 GT California. Approximately 460mm (~18.125 inches) long. Chrome plated ... more info

Part Number: 13676060

Brake shoe set, 4 shoe front V7 Sport and Eldorado, rear on 850T

One pair of brake shoes for 4 shoe front brake on V7 Sport and some Eldorado, and for rear brake on 850T. These are brand new castings with modern ... more info

Part Number: 14620805

Brake return spring, 4 shoe front drum brake Eldorado & V7 Sport

Brake return spring for 4 shoe front drum brakes as fitted to some Eldorado and most V7 Sport.

Part Number: 14622105

Snap ring, 4 shoe brake, 4 valve rocker spindle, V50 forks

Snap ring for many applications including V7 Sport with 4 leading shoe front brake, 850GT, Eldorado with 4 leading shoe front brake, 850T, Daytona ... more info

Part Number: 90271012