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Clutch cable, 1100 Sport injected, Daytona RS

GU01093000 Clutch cable for 1100 Sport Injected and Daytona RS.

Part Number: 01093000

Clutch cable Centauro GU02093001

Clutch cable for V10 Centauro. This is a top quality, heavy duty clutch cable that includes the rubber boot for the hand levers (including choke) as ... more info

Part Number: 02093001

Clutch cable Jackal, Bassa, California Special GU03093030

Clutch cable Jackal, Bassa, California Special. This is an excellent quality clutch cable that has no crimped connections. 62.75" Overall length, ... more info

Part Number: 03093030

Clutch cable most 1100cc California models 1998 -2010 GU03093045

Clutch cable for California EV 1998 - 2000, 2001 -2003 California Stone and Special Sport, 2001 - 2002 EV Touring & Anniversary, Aluminum, ... more info

Part Number: 03093045

Clutch cable 1967-72 V700 Ambassador V7 Special standard length

New and improved clutch cable for V700,  Ambassador and V7 Special 1967-1972. All cable end barrels are soldered onto the inner wire, with no ... more info

Part Number: 12093045

Clutch cable V700 Ambassador V750 Special, longer Police length

This clutch cable fits V700, Ambassador and 1969-1971 V7 Special models with the Police (or California) handlebars and the standard 4 speed ... more info

Part Number: 13093040

Clutch cable, Eldorado drum front brake police handlebars

This clutch cable fits Eldorado models with drum front brakes, with the Police or California handlebar and the standard 5 speed transmission.  ... more info

Part Number: 13093046

Clutch cable, Eldorado disc brake, civilian handlebar

This clutch cable fits 1974 and 75 Eldorado models with the disc front brake and the "standard" or "civilian" handlebar. The metal end of the cable ... more info

Part Number: 13093048

Clutch cable, Eldorado disk brake, Police handlebars

Clutch cable fits 1974 and 1975 Eldorado with disc brake front end and Police or California handlebar.The metal end of the cable sheath that fits ... more info

Part Number: 13093049

Clutch cable, Eldorado drum front brake civilian handlebar

Clutch cable for your standard 1972 thru 1974 850 Eldorado when it's equipped with a drum front brake and a standard or "civilian" handlebar.  ... more info

Part Number: 13093061

Clutch cable V7 Sport drum brake

Clutch cable for V7 Sport drum brake. Soldered end fittings. 56.5" Overall length, barrel center to barrel center 3.5" "Freeplay" length, amount of ... more info

Part Number: 14093002

Clutch cable SP,CX,LeMans I, II, III GU14093051

Standard replacment clutch cable for '78 thru '84 SP1000, CX100, and 850 LeMans, LeMans II and LeMans III models. This versatile cable also a good ... more info

Part Number: 14093051

Clutch cable, 850T GU17093002

Clutch cable for 850T only. This cable is unique to 850T, using a small, slotted insert to retain the non barreled end of the calbe in the clutch ... more info

Part Number: 17093002

Clutch cable with adjuster V50, V50II, some V50III-Monza

GU19093051 Clutch cable, with built in adjuster, V50, V50 II, and some V50 III and V50 Monza. If your small block Guzzi V50, V50 II, V50 III, or ... more info

Part Number: 19093051

Clutch cable V50III, Monza, V65 SP, '86 Lario, no adjuster

GU19093052 Clutch cable V50 III, Monza, V65SP, '86 Lario, no adjuster. If your small block Guzzi V50 III or Monza uses a clutch cable with no ... more info

Part Number: 19093052

Clutch cable, V65C, V65TT GU23093080

Clutch cable, V65C, V65TT

Part Number: 23093080

Clutch cable, "civilian" T3 G5 Convert SP2 T5 GU17093050

GU28093010  Clutch cable, all soldered with no crimps, for 850 T3, G5, and Convert with standard "civilian" handlebars, also for SP II and some ... more info

Part Number: 28093010

Clutch cable, T5 3rd series 1983-88, Mille GT 87-91

Clutch cable, T5 3rd series 1983-88, Mille GT 87-91. About 54.625 inches overall length barrel center to barrel center, with 4 inches free ... more info

Part Number: 28093011

Clutch cable, some Mille GT, California III

Clutch cable, Mille, California III, approximately 59.5 inches total length. NOTE: Due to variations in the California III series, and the Mille GT ... more info

Part Number: 28093034

Clutch cable LeMans 1000 1984-1987 LeMans IV GU28093060

Clutch cable for 1985-1987 LeMans 1000, commonly LeMans 4. ~48 inches total sheath length, ~3.75 inches free wire length.

Part Number: 28093060

Clutch cable LeMans 1000 1988-1993, LM V 1000S GU28093078

Clutch cable for 1988- 1993 LeMans 1000 (commonly LeMans 5) and 1000S

Part Number: 28093078

Clutch cable Cal2 G5 T3 T4 Convert Police handlebar GU29093000

Clutch cable for California II, as well as V1000 G5, 850T3, T4 and Convert when equipped with the larger "police" or "California" handlebars. Overall ... more info

Part Number: 29093000

Clutch cable, California III (~63 inches sheath length)

Clutch cable for various California III versions and Quota 1000, approximately 63 inches sheath length, including adjuster. 4 inches free play ... more info

Part Number: 29093070

Clutch cable Quota 1100 ES

Clutch cable for Quota 1100 ES

Part Number: 29093071

clutch cable V7 Racer II

Clutch cable for V7 Racer II, V7II Racer 2016  

Part Number: 2B001201

Clutch cable V7 II models: V7 Stone II Stornello II Special II

OEM Moto Guzzi clutch cable for these V7 II models: Stone, Special, Stornello.  This cable measures approximately 50 inches in overall length.

Part Number: 2B001202

Clutch cable, 1100 Sport, Daytona 1000

Clutch cable, 1994-1996 1100 Sport carb model, Daytona 1000. These are the earliest cables with the large 10mm adjusting screw at the transmission ... more info

Part Number: 30093000

Clutch cable, SPIII, Strada

Clutch cable, SP III, Strada. Adjuster at transmission end of cable is 8mm type.

Part Number: 30093010

Clutch cable California 1100, 1994-1997 GU30093060

Clutch cable California 1100, 1994-1997 fuel injected or carbureted. This is a good quality cable with no crimped end fittings. Inner cable ~158cm, ... more info

Part Number: 30093060

Clutch cable adjuster EV Jackal V7s V7IIs V7IIIs V9

GU30602500 Clutch cable adjuster screw fits many models mostly from the mid 1990s to the present. Cable receiver id 9.25mm, threaded M8x23mm. ... more info

Part Number: 30602500

Clutch cable Breva 750 GU32093010, 883943

Superceding 883943. Clutch cable for Breva 750. These are nice quality cables with soldered end fittings and no crimps.

Part Number: 32093010

Clutch cable Nevada Classic IE 2004-2009 883942

Later part number 883942. Clutch cable for Nevada Classic IE, 2004 through 2009. This cable measures approximately 47 inches overall..

Part Number: 32093060

Clutch cable 883941 V7 Classic V7 Stone V7 Special all 2008-'13

OEM quality aftermarket clutch cable for V7 Classic, made in European Union. Fits V7 Classic model years 2008 thru 2012, V7 Special 2012-2013, and V7 ... more info

Part Number: 883264

Clutch cable 883940 V7 Cafe Classic V7 Racer

OEM quality clutch cable for V7 Cafe, made in European Union. Fits 2009 V7 Cafe and was later renamed 883940 for V7 Racer.  Fits 2009-2015 Cafe ... more info

Part Number: 883591

Clutch cable V7 Stone, V7 Special 2012-2013

OEM Moto Guzzi clutch cable for V7 Stone 2012-2013, V7 Special 2012-2013

Part Number: 883941

Cable adjuster screw suitable for V700 Ambassador Eldorado

Clutch and brake cable adjuster screw suitable for clutch and brake lever assemblies on V700, Ambassador, 1969-1971 V750 Special and 2 shoe front ... more info

Part Number: 95790237

Clutch cable V7 Stone 2013-2015, V7 Special 2013-2015

 Clutch cable V7 Stone 2013-2015, V7 Special 2013-2015

Part Number: B063427

clutch cable repair fitting, tool kit repair

Clutch cable emergency repair fitting, most models, screw on barrel can be used at either end of cable. Cable perpendicular to barrel axis, 10mm ... more info

Part Number: MG0044511

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