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speedometer cable, Jackal, early EV, 1100 Sport, Bassa, Centauro

Complete speedometer cable for Veglia equipped V11 California models 1998-2002. Includes California EV, Bassa, California Special, Jackal, Stone, ... more info

Part Number: 01760400

speedometer cable V11 Sport 99-01; V11Naked 01-02

Speedometer cable for V11 Sport 1999-2001 and V11 LeMans Naked 2001-2002. for white faced Veglia speedometers. Larger threaded fitting at both ends.

Part Number: 01760430

speedometer cable V11 Ballabio 2003-2005 Cafe Sport

speedo cable V11 Ballabio and Cafe Sport 2003-2005

Part Number: 01760481

speedo cable 2001-2002 V11 LeMans

speedo cable 2001-2002 V11 LeMans

Part Number: 01760490

speedo cable V11 LeMans 2003-2004

speedometer cable V11 LeMans 2003-2004 This cable can substitute for early V11 Sport that uses the 60 degree cable drive gears. 39.5 inches sheath ... more info

Part Number: 01760492

speedo cable 2003 Stone

speedometer cable 2003 Stone. sheath length ~51"

Part Number: 03760451

speedometer cable 2002-2010 EV-Touring, Alu, Tit., Vintage

Speedometer cable for 2002-2010 California models: California EV, EV Touring, California Aluminum, California Titanium, California Vintage . Sheath ... more info

Part Number: 03760465

speedo cable complete T3 T V700 SP Eldo Amb G5 V7 Sport Cal 1100

Speedometer cable, complete, many models through 1997. V7 Sport, 850T, 850T3, MilleGT, SP1000, Eldorado, Ambassador, V750 Special, 850GT, V700, ... more info

Part Number: 12760400

Speedometer cable, 850 LeMans LeMans II

Speedometer cable, 850 LeMans and LeMans II 1108mm inner length

Part Number: 14760450

Speedometer cable, V35 V50 V50II

Speedometer cable for V35, V50 and V50 II

Part Number: 19760400

Speedo cable, V50 III, V65 C

Speedometer cable, V50 III, V65C

Part Number: 19760480

Speedo cable, LMIV-LMV-Cal2-Cal3-MilleGT-SP2-T5-Quota

Complete speedometer cable for LeMans 1000 1984 to 1987 (LeMans IV), LeMans 1000 1988 to 1993 (LeMans V), California II, California III, Mille GT, SP ... more info

Part Number: 28760410

Speedo cable complete LM3

Complete speedometer cable for 850 LeMans III. Includes sleeve and ferule for transmission end of cable

Part Number: 28760450

Speedo cable, V65SP, Lario, Monza

Speedometer cable for V65SP, V65 Lario, V50 Monza

Part Number: 63760420