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Tach cable complete LMI,II

Tachometer cable complete for LeMans 850 and some LeMans II. Inner cable length is 21 3/4 inches.

Part Number: 14768150

Tach cable complete T T3 V7 Sport 1000SP V50 G5 1000S Mille

GU19768100 Tachometer cable complete, 850T, 850T3, V7 Sport, 1000SP, CX100, LeMans II, G5, V50, V50 II, 1000S, some 850T5, Mille GT. Superseding part ... more info

Part Number: 19768100

Tachometer cable, V50 Monza, T5

Tachometer cable, V50 Monza, some T5. Inner cable length is approximately 22-1/8 inch

Part Number: 19768135

Tachometer cable V65 Lario

Tachometer cable for V65 Lario

Part Number: 19768136

Tach cable complete LeMans 4/5 V50 III V65C SP TT Cal II

GU19768180 Tachometer cable for LeMans 1000 all years LeMans IV and LeMans IV, V50 III, V65C, V65SP, V65TT, California II sheath approx 25.25" ... more info

Part Number: 19768180

Tach cable complete, SPIII, Strada, Nevada GU23768110

Tach cable complete, SPIII, Strada, carbed Nevada 750

Part Number: 23768110

Tach cable complete LMIII, Mille GT, SPII, some T5 GU28768150

Complete tachometer cable for LeMans III, SP II, some Mille GT, some T5 (2nd and 3rd series). Approximately 23.75" overall length, slight bend at ... more info

Part Number: 28768150

Tach cable complete, Ducati Paso 750

Tachometer cable complete, Ducati Paso 750

Part Number: 400520183