oil filter

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oil filter screen, V700 Ambassador Eldorado 850T V7 Sport 750S

Oil filter screen as used on all loop frame models V700, Ambassador, Eldorado, V750 Special, 850GT, and as used on V7 Sport, 750 S and most 850 T's

Part Number: 12153000

UFI 23 149 00 oil filter Guzzi 850 and 1000cc GU14153000

850 T3, Convert, G5, CX100, California II, California III, 1000 SP, SP II, SP III, 850 LeMans, LeMans II, LeMans III, LeMans 1000 all years LeMans IV ... more info

Part Number: 14153000

UFI oil filter, V35 V50 V50 II V50 III Monza V65C SP TT Lario

UFI oil filter for all early small twin models: V35, V50, V50 II, V50 III, Monza, V65C, V65SP, V65TT, Lario.

Part Number: 19153000

Oil filter 2008-2016 V7 series Stone, Special, Classic, Racer

Original equipment UFI oil filter for all late model small blocks including: full V7 750cc series 2008-2016 including V7 Classic, V7 Cafe Classic, V7 ... more info

Part Number: 27153085

oil filter V7 III, V9

Genuine Moto Guzzi oil filter for: 2017 V7 III Stone 2017 V7 III Special 2017 V7 III Anniversario 2017 V7 III Racer 2016 V9 Roamer 2016 V9 Bobber ... more info

Part Number: 2A000633

UFI 23 287 00 oil filter 1100/1200cc Moto Guzzi GU30153000

Original equipment UFI 23 287 00 oil filter for all 1100 and 1200cc big twins, as well as Quota 1000 and Centauro. This top quality Italian made oil ... more info

Part Number: 30153000

OEM oil filter California 1400 series '15-16 Griso 2A000668

B063428  OEM oil filter for Moto Guzzi California 1400 models, and 2015-2016 Griso 1200 8V. Also sold under part number 2A000668. Fits:   ... more info

Part Number: B063428

Mahle Knecht oil filter California 1400 series, Griso 2015-2016

Top quality Mahle Knecht oil filter for Moto Guzzi California 1400 models with anti-empty valve for extra engine protection and higher oil pressure ... more info

Part Number: B063428A

HiFlo oil filter Piaggio and Aprilia scooters

Excellent quality HiFlo oil filter for Piaggio and Aprilia scooters. Replaces OEM part numbers - Piaggio: 830239, 82658R, 82883R, 82960R; Peugeot: ... more info

Part Number: HF184

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HiFloFiltro oil filter, all 1100cc and 1200cc models Centauro

California 1100, EV, Jackal, Bassa, California Special, Special Sport, Vintage, Black Eagle, California Stone, Stone Touring, Aluminum, Titanium, ... more info

Part Number: HF551

HiFloFiltro oil filter, most 850cc and 1000cc models

High quality HiFloFiltro oil filter for big twin Moto Guzzi 850cc models and most 1000cc models. This 14 flat oil filter is a high quality ... more info

Part Number: HF552

HiFLo oil filter California 1400 series, Griso 2015-2016

HiFlo Filtro oil filter for all Moto Guzzi California 1400 models and 2015-2016 Griso 1200 8V. Replaces oem B063428. This 8 flute oil filter is a ... more info

Part Number: HF565