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Crossover pipe between mufflers, V700 Ambassador Eldorado 850GT

Exhaust crossover pipe as original on Eldorado, Ambassador, V700, 1969 TO 1972 V7 Special, 850GT. Fits between original type mufflers, improves ... more info

Part Number: 12123900

V7 Sport crossover 750S 750S3

Unique X crossover as used on V7 Sport, 750S, and 750S3. Chrome plated steel. Made in Italy.

Part Number: 14123900

Crossover Cal 2, SP, SP 2, Mille, late T4 GU17123962

California II crossover, H pipe, chrome plated steel, also for late T4, SP1000, SP II, and some Mille G T.  Used on these models due to the ... more info

Part Number: 17123962

Mistral crossover V11 Sport and V11 LeMans with no lambda port

Mistral crossover for V11 Sport and V11 LeMans models with no lambda port. Normally 1999-2002 models.  These are time proven crossovers with a ... more info

Part Number: MG10011

Mistral crossover V11 Sport e V11 LeMans Full Series

Mistral crossover for the complete series V11 Sport and V11 LeMans 1999-2005.  Mistral crossovers are time proven performers with a reputation ... more info

Part Number: MG10011/S

Mistral crossover for Breva 1100

Stainless steel Mistral crossover for Breva 1100 improves exhaust flow and eliminates the cat, thereby reducing the heat on your leg, and allowing ... more info

Part Number: MG1103

Plug for lambda sensor port

Plug for lambda sensor hole commonly found on  exhaust crossovers. 18mm diameter.  

Part Number: MG123

Mistral crossover, Cal II, III, 1100 EV Jackal Stone SP

Mistral H pipe crossover for 1100cc California models 1994-2003.  Note: This crossover has no lambda port. Fits all 1100 cc California models ... more info

Part Number: MG2004

Mistral crossover for Vintage, Black Eagle, EV Stone w/Lambda

Mistral H pipe crossover specifically for California Vintage, Black Eagle and some 2003 and later EV, California Stone, Stone Touring, Aluminum and ... more info

Part Number: MG2004SVINTAGE

Mistral crossover 850T 850T3 G5 Convert GU17123951

GU17123950  Mistral H pipe crossover specifically for 850T, 850T3, V1000 Convert, V1000 G5, some SP1000, and similar models with low, relatively ... more info

Part Number: MG2004T3

Mistral crossover for Daytona, Centauro, 1100 Sport 1991-1998

S ALE: Mistral performance crossover for all 1991-1998 Daytona, Daytona Racing, Centauro, Sport 1100, and 1100 Sport.   These crossovers ... more info

Part Number: MG3006

Mistral 2 into 1 crossover, Quota

Mistral stainless steel crossover for Quota. Many Quotas have already had their original unit replaced with one of these robust, free flowing ... more info

Part Number: MG4004

Mistral stainless crossover for LeMans 1000, polished

Mistral polished stainless steel exhaust crossover ( H ) pipe for LeMans 1000 1985 - 1992. Slight upward and outward angle to fit these models with ... more info

Part Number: MG5004

Black Mistral stainless exhaust crossover LeMans 1000

Black Mistral stainless steel exhaust crossover ( H ) pipe for LeMans 1000 1985-1993. High tech, high temp black finish. Slight upward and outward ... more info

Part Number: MG5004BP

Mistral stainless exhaust crossover 850 LeMans III

Mistral stainless steel exhaust crossover ( H ) pipe for 850 LeMans III.  This item replaces original part number 28123950 .   This version ... more info

Part Number: MG5004LM3

Mistral stainless crossover 850 LeMans and LeMans II

Mistral stainless steel crossover for 850 LeMans and LeMans II. Use only with Mistral head pipes and Mistral silencers for a complete exhaust system. ... more info

Part Number: MG5009

Black Mistral crossover for 850 LeMans LeMans II CX100

Black Mistral stainless steel crossover for 850 LeMans, CX100 and LeMans II. High tech, high temperature black finish. Use only with Mistral head ... more info

Part Number: MG5009B

Mistral crossover Breva 750 and Nevada 750 Classic

Mistral crossover for Breva 750 and Nevada Classic 750IE (injected). Eliminate the restriction of the third muffler on these models. Larger original ... more info

Part Number: MG70011

Mistral crossover 2013-2016 V7 Racer, V7 Special, V7 Stone

Mistral polished stainless steel crossover for 2013-2016 V7 Stone, V7 Special, V7 Racer, and all V7 II models that do not use the crossover lambda ... more info

Part Number: MGCNL

Mistral crossover for 2008-2012 V7 series, with lambda port

Mistral polished stainless steel crossover for 2008-2012 V7 Classic, V7 Cafe and V7 Racer 2008-2012 , with lambda sensor port and exhaust ... more info

Part Number: MGCRO

Mistral crossover 2010-2016 Norge 1200 8V (with lambda port)

Mistral crossover for 2010-2016 Norge 8V (and 1200 Sport 8V) complete with lambda port in the crossover.   These crossovers are constructed of ... more info


Mistral Y collector V85TT

Mistral Y pipe collector for V85TT.   Enjoy a deeper exhaust sound, improve efficiency, lose some weight, and reduce the heat near your feet ... more info

Part Number: MGCROV85TT