fuel tank

Product Image Product Price
fuel level gauge sensor Ducati Monster 1993-2001 59210132A

Fuel level sensor for Ducati Monster 1993-2001.   Ducati 400 Monster 1994 - 1997 Ducati 600 Monster 1994 - 1998 Ducati 600 Monster 1999 - 2001 ... more info

Part Number: 59210132A-Z

fuel level sensor Ducati Monster 2002-2006, 59210152A

Fuel level guage sensor for Ducati Monster 2002-2006.  This item replaces original codes: 59210151A, 59210101A, 59210152A Ducati Ducati 1000 ... more info

Part Number: 59210152A-Z

Fuel level sensor Ducati Multistrada 2010-2012

Aftermarket fuel level sensor for Ducati Multistrada 1200 ABS 2010-2012.  This part replaces all of the following part numbers: 59210201C, ... more info

Part Number: 59210211F-Z

Fuel tank retaining clamp, Ducati post-1991 alt for 76040011A

Ducati fuel tank retaining hook, Ducati post-1991.  This item is an alternate for 76040011A Ducati 600 SS `95/97 Ducati 750 SS `91 Ducati 750 SS ... more info

Part Number: 76040012A