tail light

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tail light lens V11 Sport V11 LeMans series

tail light lens V11 Sport V11 LeMans full series 1999-2005

Part Number: 01741730

Tail light assembly V7 Classic Cafe Stone Racer Special Bassa

GU03740930  Tail light assembly, screws not supplied as can be seen in the photo. This part is a Special Order item. Due to limited demand, we ... more info

Part Number: 03740930

Last 1! License plate light US market Bassa, California Special

GU03745630  OEM Moto Guzzi license plate light for USA version California Special and Bassa. Only 1 left!  This item has been discontinued ... more info

Part Number: 03745630

Tail light bracket, used on CEV tail lights 14474900 14474370

Black powder coat tail light mounting bracket as used on Eldorado, 1969-1971 V7 Special, 850GT and  Ambassador. Non USA versions of the V7 ... more info

Part Number: 080174110

Italian Ambassador Eldorado Ducati tail light lens w/ reflector

079574380  Italian CEV 9181 tail light lens for V700, Ambassador, and Eldorado, 1969-1971 V750 Special, 850GT, with built in rectangular ... more info

Part Number: 10741700

Tail light mounting bracket, as used on CEV tail lights

Reproduction CEV tail light mounting bracket as used on 850T, 850T3, V7 Sport, 750S. The V7 Sport parts book suggests this item could have part ... more info

Part Number: 14474370

Round CEV tail light lens

Round CEV tail light lens for reproduction tail lights 14474900 and 300106099. Approximately 82mm in diameter, 38mm in depth, with a clear license ... more info

Part Number: 14474900L

Tail light backing bracket, 850 LeMans 1976

Tail light backing plate for 1st series 850 LeMans of 1976. This plate fits inside of the rear tail light mount point of the fender/seat pan ... more info

Part Number: 14741450

CEV tail light lens 850T T3 Cal2 V7 Sport Ducati Benelli

Tail light lens for flat sided CEV 9350 tail light as used on 850-T, T3, US model V7 Sport, 750S, late Eldorado, early (1976) 850 LeMans, California ... more info

Part Number: 14741701

CEV tail light w chrome mount Moto Guzzi Ducati Vespa 14474901

CEV 9350 tail light assembly complete with chrome mounting bracket. These tail lights were very popular in the 1970s and were used by Moto Guzzi, ... more info

Part Number: 17474940

CEV 9350 tail light unit, semi-round, flat sides, chrome base

079574153  GU17740900 CEV 9350 repro tail light assembly, with chrome plated base as found on many models including US V7 Sport, late Eldorado, ... more info

Part Number: 17740900

Economy CEV replica tail light unit, black base 17740900

GU17740900  079574153  Economy replica CEV 9350 tail light assembly, with black plastic base. Alternate for the chrome version found on ... more info

Part Number: 17740900B

Tail light LeMans I/2 CX SP V50 2/3 Monza GU19740900

Complete dual bulb tail light unit as used on 850 LeMans, 850 LeMans II, CX100, V50 Monza, late V1000 I Convert, late V1000 G5, 1000 SP, late 850T3, ... more info

Part Number: 19740900

Tail light complete, CEV, Stornello ISDT Replica Ducatis

068474153  CEV tail light complete as used on Moto Guzzi Stornello ISDT Replica, and other Italian motorcycles from the 1960s and 1970s. This ... more info

Part Number: 24740926

tail light group w/chrome turn signals V7 II Racer Special Stone

Tail light assembly complete with turn signals for V7 Racer II, V7 Stone II, V7 Special II.  Black tail light housing and round, chrome turn ... more info

Part Number: 2B001701

tail light group, all black, many V7 III series models

Tail light assembly complete with black oblong turn signals for V7III Milano Racer Rough Special Stone Carbon Anniversario

Part Number: 2B001748

tail light complete with chrome fender mount

Complete tail light assembly with chrome plated mount and rubber gasket. Kit has a chromed steel fender mount, and chromed steel lamp backing, an ... more info

Part Number: 300106099

Tail light, turn signals, 1998-2001 EV, Jackal, Stone

GU30740960 GU03758450 Rear light group including turn signals. Original chromed tail light assembly for California 1100, 1998 to 2000 California EV ... more info

Part Number: 30740960

tail light lens, Jackal, EV, California 1100, Stone

GU30741760 Tail light lens for California 1100, 1998-2001 EV, Jackal, California Stone, Stone Touring, Stone Metal.

Part Number: 30741760

Tail light lens 1100 Sport Daytona Nevada Quota

1100 Sport carb, 1100 Sport injected, Daytona 1000, Nevada, Nevada Club, Daytona RS, Quota ES1100, Quota 1000. Tail light lens with built in clear ... more info

Part Number: 31741760

Tail light lens, Breva 750

Tail light lens for Breva 750

Part Number: 32741710

Tail light lens for LeMans I, II, III, CX100 V65SP V50 SP1000

GU65741700 Rectangular tail light lens used on many models including 2nd series 850 LeMans 1977 and 1978, LeMans II, CX100, LeMans III, some 1000SP, ... more info

Part Number: 65741700

Round black base CEV 9313 tail light Ambassador Eldorado Ducati

079574150  10740900  This is a very nice repro of the CEV 9313 European version 92mm round tail light with a black bucke t that is suitable ... more info

Part Number: MG1212

Round tail light, chrome bucket, Ambassador Eldorado others

This is a very nice 92mm round tail light with a chrome bucke t that is suitable for many early big twins. This is the European version. Steel ... more info

Part Number: mg1213