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Voxbell horn pair V7 Sport T T3 Convert SP G5 Ducati GU14743700

079538053   GU14743701  Pair of genuine Italian Voxbell horns. This pair is comprised of one high tone and one low tone horn to create the ... more info

Part Number: 14743700P

Voxbell horn single tone 850 LeMans LM2 Ducati Laverda Benelli

GU14743701 Voxbell single chrome grille horn, as used on 850 LeMans, LeMans II, T4, V35, V50, V50 II. Includes vibration mounts as shown. Some ... more info

Part Number: 14743701

Economy horn, 2.5 inches diameter, 12V

Economy 12 volt horn, two terminals, 1.5 amp, loud deep tone rated at 90-105db. This is a good horn for any application where a horn is required.

Part Number: 21070008

Voxbell horn set LeMans 4/5 SP3 T5 Quota1000

Genuine Italian Voxbell brand "snail" horns. This is a set including one high tone horn and one low tone horn which used together create a loud ... more info

Part Number: 28743760

Economy horn, single 7cm black, 105db 12v

Economy horn, fits well in original location on V700 Ambassador and Eldorado using 6mm fastener. 70mm (7cm) diameter, black, 105db, 12v.

Part Number: 5631697