Product Image Product Price
Starter brush set, Bosch starters to 1993 14730526

Starter brush set, suitable for all Bosch starters as used on Guzzis 1970 through 1993, excepting the small, non solenoid unit used on original V7 ... more info

Part Number: 12730526

Bosch starter, re built, Eldorado Ambassador, like core required

Rebuilt Bosch starter for V700, Ambassador, 1969-1971 V7 Special, 850GT and Eldorado. Subject to a $300 core charge. See details below. If no ... more info

Part Number: 12730705

Starter solenoid modified to fit Marelli starters

This is a brand new starter solenoid that has been modified to fit the Marelli starters as used on the Moto Guzzi V700, Ambassador, V750 Special and ... more info

Part Number: 13730726

Starter solenoid for Bosch starters 1970's to early 90's

Starter solenoid, for Bosch starters commonly found on Guzzis. Suitable for use on Bosch starters with top or bottom mounted solenoids. Some ... more info

Part Number: 14730558

Bosch starter, re built Guzzis starting w/V7 Sport core exchange

Bosch starter, re-built, for most Guzzis starting with V7 Sport. The Bosch starter was the stock OEM starter beginning with the 850T model in 1974, ... more info

Part Number: 14730706

Plastic Bosch starter solenoid cover, many models GU19733350

Plastic starter solenoid cover for Bosch starters, many models.   850T3, T4, T5, Convert, G5, 850 LeMans, LeMans II, CX100, LeMans III, LeMans ... more info

Part Number: 19733350

Alternate Starter GU30730710 Big twins with Valeo Bosch Marelli

Alternate starter suitable for all big twins. Similar to the Valeo starter, these starters are lighter in weight (only 5.8 pounds) and crank faster ... more info

Part Number: 30730710A

Original equipment Valeo starter GU30730711 Guzzi Big twins

GU30730710 OEM Valeo starter, original equipment for Moto Guzzi from about 1990 into the 2000s. Retrofits to all earlier big twins. See the bolt kit ... more info

Part Number: 30730711