oil system

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oil delivery hose for twin plug 2 valve 2005-2011

Oil pressure feed line, oil pipe, for models with dual spark plugs and 2 valve heads 2005-2011 Breva 1100 Breva 1200 2005-2007 Griso 1100 2005-2007 ... more info

Part Number: 05153630

Oil drain plug with built in magnet GU12003702

Oil drain plug with magnet to catch ferrous swarf. Fits most engine drain, rear drive fill, and transmission fill plugs, hex head uses standard Guzzi ... more info

Part Number: 12003702

Oil drain plug, stainless steel, hex head, with hole

Oil drain plug, stainless steel, hex head, with hole. Fits most engine drain, rear drive fill, and transmission fill plugs, hex head uses standard ... more info

Part Number: 12003704

oil pump, V7 V700 V750 Special Ambassador and most Eldorado

New oil pump for early big twins V700, V750 Special, Ambassador, and most Eldorados when equipped with the gear driven oil pump. These are very nice ... more info

Part Number: 12146400

Oil delivery hose oil feed line V700 Ambassador Eldorado12153600

Oil supply hose to the cylinder heads on al loop frame models V700, Ambassador, Eldorado, 1969-1971 V7 Special, 850GT. Steel tubing clears original ... more info

Part Number: 12153601

Sump spacer, sump extender, big twins 1975 to 1984

Oil sump spacer (sump extender) for early big block engines originally equipped with oil filters. Lowers the oil pool relative to the crankshaft. ... more info

Part Number: 14003241

Oil filter threaded adapter 1975-1993 big twins GU14003800

Small oil filter adapter as used on 1975 through 1993 big twins. This is the threaded fitting that the oil filters 14153000 and HF552 screw on to. ... more info

Part Number: 14003800

Oil pickup screen, bottom of oil pan 850/1000/1100's GU14152200

Oil pickup screen, bottom of oil pan on 850, 1000, 1100cc big twins with pan mounted oil filters 1975 and later. Late 850T, 750S3, 850T3, 850T4, ... more info

Part Number: 14152200

Frentubo oil delivery hose for round head motors GU14153601

Top quality, high pressure oil delivery hose for 1972 to 1984 round head Tonti frame models from Frentubo. This is not a rubber hose with a fancy ... more info

Part Number: 14153602

Frentubo oil delivery hose for square heads 1983-2005 GU01153602

GU14153660 GU01153600 Top quality, high pressure oil delivery hose for square head models from Fren Tubo.  Fits all "Square Fin" 2 valve per ... more info

Part Number: 14153662

Oil delivery hose fitting to cylinder head, square fin engines

This is the fitting that the oil feed line attaches to on the cylinder head on many square fin (square head) engines.  Note:  Guzzi parts ... more info

Part Number: 14153663

Rocker arm oil fitting Breva V7 Classic Stone Racer Special

GU19027500 2B000579 Rubber oil fitting for rocker arms, all small twins except Lario. Models include V35, V50, V50 II, V50 III, V50 Monza, V65 C, V65 ... more info

Part Number: 19027500

Oil filter adapter, for larger oil filter 30153000 or HF551

Oil filter adapter for larger UFI oil filter 30153000, or HiFlo filter HF551. When space allows, this adapter permits the use of the larger oil ... more info

Part Number: 30003800

oil pressure line, 4 valve Daytona 1000, Centauro, RS

Oil delivery hose for 4 valve models Daytona 1000, Daytona RS, and Centauro. Delivers oil from between the cylinders into each cylinder head. ... more info

Part Number: 30153600

Magnetic drain plug 10mm engine, trans, rear drive GU31003766

Magnetic drain plug, 10mm x 1.5, engine, transmission, rear drive. Many models. Also works as a level plug for transmissions and rear drives. Not ... more info

Part Number: 31003766

Improved oil pump for two valve big twins, chain driven oil pump

Improved oil pump for two valve big twins with straight, non-tapered chain sprocket shafts, many  models 1974 through 2010. CNC machined for ... more info

Part Number: 500066001

Lock plate oil pickup screen most Guzzis 1975 to 2016 GU95187006

Lock plate, oil pickup screen, most Small and Big Twin Guzzis from 1975 to 2016, excepting CARC models. Found on late 850T, 850T3, 850T4, V1000 ... more info

Part Number: 95187006

Banjo bolt 8mm, oil delivery, valve cover vent GU95990037

Banjo bolt 8mm, oil delivery and valve cover vent banjo fittings found on most all Big Twin Guzzi models from 1967 until 2010. Use 2 of crush washer ... more info

Part Number: 95990037

G&G deep sump with recessed external oil filter

Complete SD-TEC external oil filter relocation kit includes deep sump, oil filter, oil pan gasket, drain plug and sealing washer, and oil filter ... more info

Part Number: MG368

Deep V sump with external oil filter

Originally designed for road and track use, this deep V oil pan offers multiple benefits, especially for the sport rider. Most obvious, the front ... more info

Part Number: MG369