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Side stand deployment loop, V11 Sport, V11 LeMans

GU01431930  GU02431900  Side stand deployment loop, V11 Sport, V11 LeMans, Rosso Mandello, V11 Sport Naked, Nero Corsa, Rosso Corsa, Scura, ... more info

Part Number: 01431930

Side stand spring, Eldorado police or California side stand

This spring is from the Harley Davidson aftermarket, but is suitable for use with the big police side stand as used on Eldorado, Ambassador, or the ... more info

Part Number: 05100184

Side stand pivot bolt for V700, Ambassador, Eldorado

Side stand pivot bolt for V700, Ambassador, Eldorado, 1969-1971 V7 Special, 850GT. This is the bolt that the small standard issue side stand (kick ... more info

Part Number: 12432800

Rubber bumper for side/center stands and other uses GU12433000

Rubber bumper for side stands, centerstands, battery covers and battery hold down plates. Used as the stop bumper on the short civilian side stand on ... more info

Part Number: 12433000

Centerstand and side stand spring V700 Amb Eld T3 GU12434001

Center stand spring V700, Ambassador, Eldorado, 1969-1971 V7 Special, 850GT, 850T, T3, T4, V7 Sport, 750S, Convert, G5, 850 LeMans, LeMans II, LeMans ... more info

Part Number: 12434001

New improved stainless locking lug for side stands GU03432740

GU13432741 New and improved stainless steel locking lug for big "police" and "California" side stands, slightly thicker to provide a larger contact ... more info

Part Number: 13432741K

Big side stand bracket, Police sidestands GU13433440

Big side stand bracket, fits the big Police and California side stands on Guzzis from Ambassador through 2002. Fits Police type left sidestand that ... more info

Part Number: 13433440

Side stand bumper and arm cover LeMans 850T 850T3 SP CX V50

Side stand rubber, used as a stop or bumper on some models. This rubber bumper slides onto the side stand stop peg on the lower frame rail. Also ... more info

Part Number: 14423800

Spacer, centerstand, Big Twin center stand models half of left

GU14429900  Spacer, centerstand, most Big Twin Guzzi "Tonti" framd models with a factory center stand. Used from 1973 thru the California ... more info

Part Number: 14429900

Wave washer centerstand pivot, camshaft/crank washer GU14433400

Multi use spring wave washer. When used at the centerstand pivot point, this washer maintains a bit of pressure on the centerstand to create drag so ... more info

Part Number: 14433400

Centerstand pivot bushing 1973-2003 Big Twins GU14433500

Centerstand pivot bushing. This is the bushing on which your center stand pivots. It should be kept greased so it doesn't wear prematurely, causing ... more info

Part Number: 14433500

Chrome plated spring for many large/small side stands GU14434000

Long, plated spring, for many large and small sidestands. Variability in side stands over the years necessitates that you consider the length of this ... more info

Part Number: 14434000

side stand mounting plate, V7 Sport 850T LeMans 850

Side stand mounting plate for forward mounted kick stands as found on V7 Sport, 850T, LeMans 850, LeMans III, 1000SP, and foot peg version ... more info

Part Number: 14434155

Centerstand update 850T3, 850T4, early Tonti big twins

Updated centerstand for 1979 and later 850T3, and 850 T4 and a suitable upgrade for most all early Tonti frame big twins (V7 Sport, 750S, 850 T, 850 ... more info

Part Number: 17430345

Side stand 1000SP T3 LM1/2/3 V7 Sport CX100 GU17432060

GU11432001 GU14432050  Latest version of the complete side stand as used on many models of the 1970s and early 1980s. Kick stand comes complete ... more info

Part Number: 17432060

Spring plate, side stand T3, 1000SP, LeMans II, LMIII, T5, SPII

Spring plate for side stand: Late T3, 1000SP, CX100, LeMans II, LMIII, T5, SPII

Part Number: 17432761

Spring, side stand, LMII SP CX Mille SPIII 1000S LeMans1000

GU17434060 Spring, side stand, used on original units with dual springs on various models of the late '70s and '80s.  SP1000, SP II, SP III, ... more info

Part Number: 17434060

Big side stand, T3, Convert, 850GT California, G5

Yet another version of the big chromed side stand as used on V1000 I Convert, 850T3, 850GT California, and others. Any of these stands are also ... more info

Part Number: 18432050

Double spring plate for sidestand GU18432760

Double spring retaining plate, many side stands that use 2 side stand springs including G5, T5, California II, California III, California 1100, EV, ... more info

Part Number: 18432760

Sidestand spring, V50, V50II, V50III, 850 T5 GU19434000

Sidestand spring, V35, V50, V50II, V50III, V65C, V65SP, V65TT, Lario, some versions of the 850 T5

Part Number: 19434000

Rubber bumper, sidestand 1100 Sport, battery many models

Rubber bumper, sidestand 1100 Sport carb, Used as a battery stop or bumper on many models, including V50, V50 III, Monza, V65 C, V65 SP, Lario, ... more info

Part Number: 19705900

Mid-mount side stand kit for early Tonti frame models

Mid-mount side stand kit based on the original side stand design used on LeMans 1000, Mille GT, and 1000S. This side stand mounts at the center stand ... more info

Part Number: 28432160

Spring plate, side stand LeMans 1000, LeMans III, SPIII, MilleGT

GU28432760 Spring plate for side stands as used on LeMans 1000, LeMans III,1000S, Strada, SPIII, Nevada 750, and some Mille GT.

Part Number: 28432760

Side stand mounting bracket, LeMans 1000, 1000S

Mid-mount side stand mounting bracket for side stand as used on LeMans 1000 and 1000S. These brackets are bare metal and require paint prior to use. ... more info

Part Number: 28434162

Big side stand, T3, California II

Big chromed side stand, as used on T3 California, California II, also suitable for earlier models Eldorado Police and California, 850T3-FB, V1000 I ... more info

Part Number: 29432020

Big side stand, California III and T5 Police

Big chromed side stand, as used on California III 1987-1993, and T5 Police.  This stand is the same as 29432020 except it has an extra mounting ... more info

Part Number: 29432050

oem center stand kit V7 III: Special Stone Carbon Milano Rough

Original Moto Guzzi accessory centerstand for these V7 III models:  V7 III Rough, V7 III Milano, V7 III Carbon Dark, V7 III Carbon Shine, V7 III ... more info

Part Number: 2S000913

Side stand spring 1100 Sport, Centauro, V11 Sport, LeMans

GU30434001  Daytona 1000, 1100 Sport carb, 1100 Sport injected, Daytona RS, Centauro,V11 Sport, V11 LeMans, Rosso Mandello, V11 Sport Naked, ... more info

Part Number: 30434001

Mount for rubber bumper used on fuel tanks and side stands

GU39103500 This is the special washer onto which rubber bumper (39103400) is mounted. Used on lower frame rails where big sidestands bump up against ... more info

Part Number: 39103500

Hepco Becker center stand V9 Roamer and V9 Bobber

Hepco Becker lift handle for V9 Roamer and V9 Bobber.  Lift handle makes it easier to hoist the motorcycle onto the centerstand.   Note: ... more info

Part Number: 42215470001

Kick stand bracket, weld on for big side stand

Weld on side stand bracket to allow mounting of big side stands to early Tonti frame models not so equipped.   This bracket will accept any of ... more info

Part Number: 4221890

Stein-Dinse Workshop Stand, full V7 V7II V7III series 2008-2018

The exclusive Stein-Dinse workshop stand for all the new Moto Guzzi V7 750cc series motorcycles 2008-2019 including: V7, V7II and V7III . This stand ... more info

Part Number: 500512112

Hepco Becker center stand V9 Roamer

Hepco Becker center stand for V9 Roamer.  Stable vertical stand for parking and maintenance purposes.   Note: These centerstands are ... more info

Part Number: 5055460001

Hepco Becker center stand V9 Bobber

Hepco Becker center stand for V9 Bobber.  Stable vertical stand for parking and maintenance purposes.   Note: These centerstands are ... more info

Part Number: 5055470001

Snap ring, circlip for u joint carrier bearing, rear drum brake

Snap ring, circlip, cardan (u joint) carrier bearing, rear drum brake models, as used on V700, V750 Special 1969-1971, Ambassador, Eldorado, 850GT, ... more info

Part Number: 90272058

Stand bumper V11 Sport / LeMans variants 2002-2005, Norge 06-08

GU93242007  Sidestand bumper, 2002-2005  V11 Sport and V11 LeMans variants Ballabio, Cafe Sport and Coppa Italia , also Norge 2006-2008

Part Number: 93242007

Workshop stand, V11 Sport 1100 Sport Daytona Centauro

Workshop stand, V11 Sport, V11 LeMans, V11 Naked,  Rosso Mandello, Nero Corsa, Cafe Sport, Ballabio, Tenni, Scura, Coppa Italia, 1100 Sport ... more info

Part Number: 99000097

Centerstand pivot bolt, V700, Ambassador, Eldorado

Centerstand pivot bolt for V700, Ambassador, V750 Special 850GT and Eldorado. The shoulder of this bolt is what the centerstand pivots on. These ... more info

Part Number: 99105134

Becker Technik stand, V11 Sport, 1100Sport Daytona Centauro

Becker Technik workshop stand, V11 Sport, V11 LeMans, Rosso Mandello, Nero Corsa, Scura, Tenni, V11 Cafe Sport, V11 Sport Naked, Ballabio, Coppa ... more info

Part Number: MG1010

Becker Technik workshop stand, all Grisos

Becker Technik workshop stand for all Griso models and years. Includes all necessary hardware as shown. Secure shop stand, one person can use it. ... more info

Part Number: MG1011

Becker Technik workshop stand, V11 California models

So your Cali' doesn't have a centerstand? Want to do maintenance with the bike held vertical? This German made Becker Technik workshop stand fits any ... more info

Part Number: MG1012

Stucchi Luigi kickstand foot addition for Stelvio, NTX

These are a neat little device to prevent your side stand from sinking into soft surfaces. Kickstand foot enlarger for Stelvio 1200 and Stelvio NTX ... more info

Part Number: ST970130

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