Product Image Product Price
Clutch push rod seal, V11 Sport LeMans Cafe Naked Ballabio

GU90400816 Clutch push rod seal, V11 Sport, V11 LeMans, Rosso Mandello, Nero Corsa, Scura, Tenni, V11 Cafe Sport, V11 Sport Naked, Ballabio, Coppa ... more info

Part Number: 90400816

ATF pump seal Convert, Cal II Automatic GU90401423

Automatic transmission fluid pump seal, Convert, Cal II Automatic. Seals the back side of the pump instide the timing cover.  Note this is a top ... more info

Part Number: 90401423

Shift shaft seal V11 Sport V11 LeMans Cafe Naked GU90401526

Shift shaft seal for 6 speed transmissions, V11 Sport, V11 LeMans, Rosso Mandello, Nero Corsa, Scura, Tenni, V11 Cafe Sport, V11 Sport Naked, ... more info

Part Number: 90401526

Seal 4 speed trans input V700 Ambassador Convert GU90402535

Seal, 4 speed transmission input shaft on V700, Ambassador, and 1969 to 1971 V750 Special, also used in V1000 Convert transmission.

Part Number: 90402535

Transmission output seal, V35 V50 V50II, sub for input seal

Transmission output seal, V35, V35 II, V50 and V50 II, also substitute for input seal same models 90402736

Part Number: 90402737

Small twin transmission seal input/output V50III V65s Breva V7s

886364 is now the superseding Guzzi number. Transmission input seal V50 III, Monza,  Transmission output seal V50 III, Monza, V65C, V65TT, ... more info

Part Number: 90402841

Front transmission seal V65C V65SP Lario Nevada GU90403245

Quality Italian made front transmission seal V65C, V65SP, V65TT, Lario, Nevada, Nevada Club.

Part Number: 90403245

886629 - Front transmission seal Breva all V7s V7IIs V7IIIs V9s

Front transmission seal for Breva 750, Nevada Club, Nevada Classic 750 IE, V7 Classic, V7 Cafe Classic , V7 Racer, V7 Stone, V7 Special, V7 Racer II, ... more info

Part Number: 90403246

Transmission output seal 4 and 5 speed, Convert GU90403547

Blue single lip high quality seal. Seal for 4 speed, 5 speed and Automatic transmission output shafts on V700, V750 Special 1969 to 1971, Ambassador, ... more info

Part Number: 90403547

Big twin 5 speed trans input seal, double lip Viton GU90403548

Brown double lip Viton, wave form directional, Italian manufactured OEM quality, input shaft seal. For 5 speed transmissions used on 850GT, Eldorado, ... more info

Part Number: 90403548

Front trans seal 6 speed V11 Sport V11 LeMans Naked Cafe Scura

GU90404059 Front transmission seal, Viton, 6 speed transmissions found on V11 Sport series models, V11 Sport, V11 LeMans, Naked, Cafe, Scura, Tenni, ... more info

Part Number: 90404059

Output seal for 6 speed transmissions 1999-2005 GU90404255

Transmission (gear box) output seal for 6 speed transmissions 1999-2005. Fits all V11 Sport and V11 LeMans models 1999-2005. Cafe Sport, Ballabio, ... more info

Part Number: 90404255

Transmission seal, Convert GU90404563

Transmission seal, Convert, seals torque converter at bell housing

Part Number: 90404563