Dellorto 3133 spring, choke valve VHB PHBH PHM

  • Part Number: 39937600
  • Manufactured by: Dellorto

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GU39937600 This is the spring that holds the choke valve plunger in the closed position on VHB, PHBH, and PHM carbuators with a cable operated choke enrichener. Ambassador, Eldorado, V750 Special, 850 GT, 850 T3, Convert, G5, SP 1000, V50 III, Monza, V65 C, V65 TT, V65 SP, Lario, 1000 S, LeMans 1000 1984 to 1993 (LeMans IV and V), 1100 Sport carb. This spring does not fit "flip" lever chokes. Dellorto number 3133, updates 13937600

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