35mm fork seal V7 Sport T T3 Convert Cal2 LeMans/II/III CX SP G5

  • Part Number: 90403449

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GU90403449 Genuine Italian Corteco brand, dual lip fork seal for these 35mm fork models: disk brake Eldorado, V7 Sport, 750S, S3, 850T, 850T3, Convert, G5, SP1000, (not SPII or SPIII), CX100, LeMans 850, LeMans II, LeMans III with stock 35mm fork, California II, V65SP, V65C, Lario, some Mille GT. Also fits some Benelli models, including the 900 SEI.

This is not a generic "no leak" fork seal, nor is it a Chinese import. This is the correct, low stiction fork seal for proper fork operation and the smoothest ride. This double lip fork seal is commonly used one per fork leg on early models that used two single lip seals per fork leg, those being part numbers 90403546, 90403547 or 90403447

Does not fit front drum brake loop frame V700, Ambassador, 1969 to 1971 V750 Special, Eldorado, 850 GT, for those models see part number 90403550

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