Plastic sealing gasket, petcocks and pressure regulators

  • Part Number: 90714103

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Plastic sealing washer for multiple fuel fitting applications, fits fuel valve (petcock) on most models from 1972 including V7 Sport, Convert, 850T, T3, LeMans, SP, California II, California III, California 1100 carbureted, including small twins V50 and V65. This sealing washer is also the same as the sealing washer 90714104 for fuel pressure regulator to fuel tank fitting 2001-2002 Fuel proof plastic washer for fuel pressure regulator to fuel tank fitting. California Stone/Metal 2002, California Special Sport/Aluminum 2001-2002, California EV Touring 2002, V11 LeMans/Naked 2001-2002.

Approx 15mm od, 10mm id

Seals fittings to fuel tanks.

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