Lower fork bushing tool V700, Ambassador, Eldorado

  • Part Number: KZFBT

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Lower fork bushing removal and installation tool for V700, Ambassador and Eldorado. This tool permits proper loosening and tightening of the lower fork bushing on these motorcycles. It's always nice to use the proper tool for the job.

This tool should be used with a half inch drive impact wrench while held squarely against the nut requiring removal. If used inappropriately, such as by hand with a breaker bar or other extension, it is possible to apply force other than perpendicular to the tool axis which can place excessive force on individual tool tangs resulting in breakage. For this reason we are unable to offer a guarantee against breakage. This is a quality tool constructed of excellent quality tool steel, and if you use the tool appropriately, you will have years of service and no problems. Apply heat to the nut if thread locking compound is present.